GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupons for bloggers

GoDaddy is a leading web hosting services provider today. It provides an immense variety of web hosting services with extremely affordable price plans. GoDaddy WordPress Hosting services are one of the most popular among users. In addition, users can easily lower the already-low price using amazing GoDaddy coupons and promo codes.

About GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting services are designed for swiftness, ease of updating and complete reliability. It showcases impressive advanced features that are optimized for the increasingly-popular WordPress platform.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plans

GoDaddy offers its WordPress Hosting services through these four price plans:

  1. Basic – Priced at the lowest rates, the GoDaddy WordPress Basic Hosting plan allows you to create 1 website. It offers 10 GB storage space and works for those with around 25,000 visitors/month user traffic. The hosting service provides free daily backup that allows you to restore older versions with a single click. It also provides daily automatic scans for detecting and removing malware from your WordPress website.
  2. Deluxe – The GoDaddy WordPress Deluxe Hosting plan comes with an integrated SEO tool. It allows you to create 1 website and provides 15 GB storage space. It works well for websites that experience 100,000 visitors/month user traffic. It also provides free daily backups and automatic and regular scans for malware on your website.
  3. Ultimate – The GoDaddy WordPress Ultimate Hosting plan offers extensive storage and more websites. You can upload and manage up to 2 websites with this plan. It provides 30 GB storage space and is perfect for websites that see over 400,000 monthly visitors. Apart from daily malware scans and free backups, this plan also offers a free SSL Certificate for the 1st year.
  4. Pro 5+ – The GoDaddy WordPress Pro 5+ Hosting plan is excellent for multiple WordPress websites. It allows you to create and maintain 5 to 50 websites. It offers storage space ranging from 50 GB to 200 GB which is ideal for websites with up to 800,000 monthly visitors. It contains all features of the other plans. In addition, Pro 5+ plan also offers free SSL Certificate for 1st year, on-site maintenance tools, monitors real-time performance and automatically updates client reports.

Benefits of GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Coupons

You can easily find a wide variety of GoDaddy coupons with a simple Google search. Using the coupons to buy a new domain name or to renew your existing domain lease gets you incredible benefits, such as:

  • Discounts – Using GoDaddy WordPress hosting coupons help you to get discount on the existing low price for the domain registry or renewal.
  • Convenience – GoDaddy WordPress hosting coupons are extremely convenient in terms of saving. The money saved from the discount coupon can be channeled towards other areas of your business that need expenses for improvement.
  • Ease of Use – Using GoDaddy WordPress hosting coupons is extremely easy. All you have to do is log-in to your GoDaddy account and choose the plan you need. Once you see a ‘Have a promo code’ button during checkout, simply enter the coupon code and avail the relevant discount at the time of making payment.