Writers Block Exists No More

Writer’s Block? It Exists No More!
by guest blogger MeghnaK
a student from India, an avid reader and an aspiring writer
Delve into the Mind of A Budding Blogger

Writer’s Block is a fairly common name to one who writes. It is a common disease, experienced by almost every writer at some point of his life. Ideas- these are what writers are known for! But during this dangerous disease, a writer’s mind is blocked, with no idea whatsoever. This is also fairly common in bloggers, like me!

It does not matter what genre or writing you do or what kind of write-ups you possess. This dangerous flu, forgoes all. Writer’s Block is a name synonymous for the utmost terror, fear and horror in the mind of a writer or blogger. It is a universal disease for one with the flare and fervor of writing or one who earns his bread and butter by a pen or blogging.

budding blogger

Delve into the mind of a budding blogger

I have often seen the writer becoming pale and trembling with dismay when they encounter this disease. This ailment clutches your brain in its venomous fangs with no idea whatever, when you will receive eternal freedom! This is a common hurdle for every writer, irrespective of his/her genre.

Now, now! I hope I have not sent a shiver down your spine reading this. This is not as you suppose. “Where there is a will, there is a way”, this famous saying is applicable here too! Now forgo of all your worry and anxiety for I give you 10 patented ideas that are guaranteed to help you out! I do not have any idea what the experts say is on these tips, but for me, they are hundred percent sure to work! Just give a try and I bet they will not fail you!

1. Build Up Courage! No Use Crying Over Split Milk
Whenever you encounter such a problem, the first thing one does is get negative vibes and loose courage. And that is the worst thing you can do. Remember that this is not the end of the world, but a trivial problem for just a brief period of time. This does not cease to happen with any writer or blogger. It can attack anyone ranging from fictional writing to career help. So just relax and build up confidence. Look at the half glass full!

2. Read, Read and Read
This is the best option available! Reading can open all dark doors of your brain and illuminate it with the brightest ever light. It opens the elixir of ideas.  Read anything you can lay your hands upon- old magazines, newspapers or even your own daily journal. Flip through your old posts or drafts that you have scheduled. The world wide net has millions of ides open to its readers too! I bet reading will help you tons!

3. Make Use Of Writing Prompts
Writing prompts are the best options to get those gray brain cells back to work. There are thousands of sites, available on the net, offering its readers useful writing prompts. You could visit sites such as Creative Writing Prompts,  Writing, Blogging & Creative Travel Photo Prompts etc. I hope they help you out!

4. Take A Break! Sleep Over It
Do not panic. Just relax and the best way to do that is curl up in a comfortable bed with some light music in the background and sleep like a log! This will keep your anxiety at bay and who knows what wonderful dreams you have or what ideas come to a crystal clear mind after you are awake?

5. Acclimatize To A New Change
A change might stimulate your brain cells. Try adapting a change in your normal routine writing. Try a different place like your old school backyard, your company lift or anything interesting than your old wooden rugged desk. Try writing with a pen for a change if you directly type on the computer or vice versa.

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