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Quantcast: You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

I began using Sitemeter on my Blogger blog before introduced an in house stats program. I began using it here in 2006, still use it on both blogs, and won’t be letting it go any time soon because as Joni Mitchell sang:  you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

Activemeter Shutting Down

If you have been using a free activemeter for visitor tracking on your blog please note this announcement and make arrangements accordingly, prior to February 28, 2011. Greetings! This is a reminder to let you know of ActiveMeter shutdown. Please read this email and take appropriate actions if you haven’t already done so. While … Continue reading

Mastering Blog Metrics, Content Creation and Retaining Readers

bicycleBy Guest Author, Jean Chong

I’m just like many other blog readers: I’m fickle –I read other people’s blogs whenever the fancy strikes me. Now that I have less personal time, I’m even more picky in choosing blog posts that I click open to read. I’m even more mindful on the subjects that I want to write for blog posts. However, I want to ensure that I am still able to captivate a few passing readers to pause, read my pithy words and browse my photos. Continue reading

Visitor tracking on blogs

Activemeter, Sitemeter, Statcounter, wordpress stats and all the others will never agree. Each one of them decides how and what they will count as a hit. Some count page views and some count unique visitors. Therefore, use any of the stats counters only as a general guide to hits. Continue reading