Tips for Organized Blogging

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To blog effectively and create a successful blog the blogger must become a prolific writer of quality content that calls readers to action.   Successful bloggers are organized and  manage their time well.  Scheduling enough time for creating original content, promoting it through social media and social networks, answering comments, locating similar blogs and reading and leaving comments on them, link building and relationship building requires strong organizational skills and commitment. — 6 Traits of Successful Bloggers

It’s important to set-up your work space, files and tools for what’s coming at you next. The more organized you are, the less time you waste looking for what you need.

  • Organize your work space
  • Organize your files
  • Organize your tools
  • Organize your email account
  • Organize your social networking accounts

Blogging-TipsThe Five Golden Rules of Goal Setting

Set Goals that Motivate You
Set SMART Goals
Set Goals in Writing
Make an Action Plan
Stick With It!

Set your goals for the month.  Determine what tasks are necessary to achieve your goals and set your priorities.  Decide how frequently you intend to publish on a weekly basis.

Create a schedule allowing for the time you need for research and content creation. Include time for microbreaks to give your head a rest and to exercise your wrists and hands, take a walk, meditate, listen to music, etc.

Time savers

  1. Try a digital note-taking system like Evernote and/or an online to-do list like Remember the Milk or Toodledo or use Pinterest.
  2. If you are short of time try the Copy a Post feature.  It allows you to start a new post without having to re-enter tags, categories and formatting.
  3. If you are collaborating or if you need an editor then use the Request Feedback feature to consult a colleague on a draft post.
  4. Post by Email, or use your phone to Post by Voice, or post by Offline Editor.
  5. If you use Twitter to promote your blog try using a program like HootSuite to schedule your tweets ahead of time.
  6. If you have free time, write and schedule draft posts for later publication.


I’m aiming to become a more organized blogger in 2011, and I’m wondering how my readers manage their blogging time. Would you care to share how you manage your blogging time?

Blogging, Content Creation and Time Management

winged clockI think that Chris Brogan nailed this in his articles.   We bloggers have sovereign power or authority over the construct of and content in our blogs. Without us there is no blog content to optimized and indexed; to promote; to attract readers; to  provide a base for interactive discussion; and to form a foundation for blog centered relationship building. Continue reading