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Key Questions for Bloggers

Your writing focus can be easily lost when things you have yet to do are on your mind. Most often, there is no way to get those things out of your mind so you can concentrate on content creation unless you organize them and schedule them.  Likewise your writing focus can also be easily lost … Continue reading

Tips for Organized Blogging

To blog effectively and create a successful blog the blogger must become a prolific writer of quality content that calls readers to action.   Successful bloggers are organized and  manage their time well.  Scheduling enough time for creating original content, promoting it through social media and social networks, answering comments, locating similar blogs and reading and … Continue reading

Blogging, Content Creation and Time Management

I think that Chris Brogan nailed this in his articles.   We bloggers have sovereign power or authority over the construct of and content in our blogs. Without us there is no blog content to optimized and indexed; to promote; to attract readers; to  provide a base for interactive discussion; and to form a foundation for … Continue reading