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More from Matt Cutts on no-follow no sculpting

Matt Cutts via Buzz: Let’s do another pass at the question “How does Google treat sites where all external links are no-follow?” The short answer is that we don’t treat those sites any differently in our rankings, but it’s still not a good idea to do that, in my opinion. Here’s why. When Google sees … Continue reading

Google roots out content farms

What is a content farm and what does it do?  ” … create a ton of niche, mostly uninspired content targeted to search engines, then make it viral through social software and make lots of money through ads.  In December 2009  Richard MacManus published Content Farms: Why Media, Blogs & Google Should Be Worried. That … Continue reading

12 Step Blog Evaluation

Visitors expect to quickly access specific information when they visit blogs. First impressions are critical when it comes to them making the choice to linger and read and perhaps return, or to click out and not return. When a visitor enters a blog and clicks out without clicking an additional link in the blog this … Continue reading

A Dozen Free Ebooks for Bloggers

For writers who are taking up blogging there’s a lot to learn. For those who don’t  possess strong writing skills there’s a larger learning curve. As I’m getting more and more questions from those who are new to blogging,  and especially from business bloggers who are just getting started,  in this post I’m sharing links … Continue reading

Natural Links: Google Warns Webmasters

Understanding backlinks is an important part of blogging. Links add valuable content to your site and the best linking building strategy is to get a lot of unpaid relevant non-reciprocal links (or one-way links) to your site from high ranking and popular sites. When your site receives a lot of quality non-reciprocal links, the search … Continue reading

Google Update 2009 Reviewed

My transition into New Year blogging will be slower than I expected. I do have my own computer back but it has been completely rebuilt. The operating system has been updated and I have a new email program so I’m learning to use those. The good news is that my research data for my contracted … Continue reading

Duplicate Content in the SERPs Sucks!

The theme of this post is: don’t create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content. Almost every day when I visit new blogs on the internet I spot duplicated content. The most common instances I witness are bloggers, who set up free blogs on, whereon blogger initiated advertising and duplicate content are … Continue reading

Links: No-Follow and Do-Follow

In the beginning all links were do-follow.  However, it didn’t take long before blogs were being inundated by those who left insincere comments lacking in value just so they could get a backlink, so the original reason for the introduction of no-follow links was spam. Do-follow comment links do pass on PageRank. No-follow comment links … Continue reading

Blogroll or Links Page?

A Blogroll of  links to the sites you read is a way of acknowledging those sites you value and also recommending relevant content to your readers. The rule of  thumb is: link to the most authoritative related references in your posts, and to the most authoritative sites in your niche in your Blogroll.

Blogging Basics: Becoming a Webmaster

Most blogs draw the vast majority of their traffic from search engines, so this is a crucial area to spend time and effort on. If you have a new blog don’t be surprised if you can’t find it on Google or on Yahoo or Bing immediately.  OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google has ten … Continue reading

Blogging and Community Building

New blogs are being created every day by bloggers who assume “build it and they will come” and likewise assume “post it and they will come“.  I’m sorry to say that isn’t the case. There are no shortcuts when it comes to creating a blog centered community by means of creating a flow of organic … Continue reading

Blog Titles and Branding Tools

My new blogger friend Juliana has had a very eventful life and has been in recovery for many years.  She’s always positive and tries to add value to the world by being courteous, sincere, and by paying it forward.  Juliana has  a new blog on her own domain and she has asked what the implications … Continue reading

Social Media and SEO

Google attempts to offer, the best service possible for those using their search engine by having the most relevant, and most useful search results. The most important factor contributing to your Google ranking, is reader-friendliness, and naturally acquired organic links are the best kind of links because they indicate that real people are showing an interest in your content, right?

Prior to Twitter and microblogging authority was derived from creating high quality content containing authoritative links that got backlinks. These days we are witnessing the power of social media broadcast range. Tweets, retweets and “likes” are having their effect on linking patterns and the SERPs. Continue reading

5 Google Webmasters Video Tutorials

These 5 videos introduce how Google discovers, crawls, indexes your site’s pages, and how Google displays them in search results. It also touches lightly upon challenges webmasters and search engines face, such as duplicate content and the effective indexing of Flash and AJAX content. Lastly, it also talks about the benefits of offerings Webmaster Central … Continue reading

Matt Cutts on How Google Search Works

The life span of a Google query is less then 1/2 second, and involves quite a few steps before you see the most relevant results. Here’s how it all works. How Google Search Works Updated: How Google Social Search works Related posts found in this blog: Blogging Resources: Search Engines Blogging Tips: Tag to Increase Traffic YouTube … Continue reading

Blog Promotion Basics

The best place to post a blog description on your blog is on your About page, as it is meant to contain a brief biography (profile) and a blog description, including your blogging goal(s) and tags for the blog. 

Keywords meta tag description may be used in Google snippets

Google guru Matt Cutts discusses how best to optimize your site for Google. Matt Cutts joined Google as a software engineer in January 2000. He is currently the head of Google’s Webspam team. It’s official now, as Cutts states in his September 21, 2009 blog entry Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tag. Here’s the … Continue reading

Backlinks from blog directories: What is their actual value?

At the beginning of this week I sent a message to Tim Grice of SEOwizz regarding the actual value of backlinks from blog directories. Tim specializes in Google SEO Techniques – Search Engine Optimisation Services and provides Resources and Tutorials on his site that we can all use to hone our SEO skills.

Google Changes to Meta Tag and HTML File Verification Methods

Google has made some changes to the way Webmaster Tools users verify their websites by simplifying the file verification process, and by eliminating the checks for non-existent URLs. Read the full article:  Google Alters Site Verification in Webmaster Tools Special note for bloggers – I would like to draw your attention to makes … Continue reading

What factors influence video results in Universal Search?

No Pork Pies from Brighton asks and Matt Cutts answers: “What factors influence a video universal result in Google? – I have the same video, one on YouTube with high views, comments and ratings yet the other one with low views and no comments is the one that ranks – why is this?”

Blogging Resources: Search Engines

Better blog posts are built on a foundation of comprehensive research. Better bloggers are intelligent enough to know that limiting themselves to use of a single search engine will be reflected in the quality or lack thereof found in the content in their posts. Continue reading

Basic SEO elements for bloggers

I’ve had this post on the back burner while coping with several unexpected events in my life that required attention. It seems that it was a good thing that I did because Tim Grice has published a post  called SEO Content Writing – How To Produce Great Content That Increases Rank that ties in perfectly … Continue reading

Bing: New Features Relevant to Webmasters

Bing: New Features Relevant to Webmasters has been released. It covers the key features of Bing from the perspective of webmasters and web publishers and delves into how Bing affects your past and future SEO activities. Be forewarned – it is long. You can download it from the Microsoft Download Center in either PDF or … Continue reading

Slice and Dice with Google Search

Google wants to expose some advanced search options that allow you to refine the results without opening a new page. The options (Search Options, Search Results Snippets, and Google Squared) are available in a sidebar that’s collapsed by default, but it can be expanded by clicking on “Show options”.

Appreciating your readers

Showing your readers that you value them can be done in many ways. Below are a twelve that I have thought of. Would you care to share some additional ideas for letting your readers know that you appreciate their support? Continue reading

Blogging and Twitter: 50 Tips

Easton Ellsworth helps entrepreneurs and companies use blogs and social media more effectively. is the only blog consulting website that teaches the Visionary Blogging method, which emphasizes the need for companies and organizations to have a clear, intelligent strategy in order to achieve online success.

Say NO to Black Hat SEO

The term black hat originates from old cowboy movies where the good guys would wear white hats and the bad guys would wear black. Black hat techniques are unethical search engine optimization strategies. Most of the time these unethical practices are used to boost the rankings of a particular site and sometimes used to drop … Continue reading

SEO Basics For On Page Optimisation

This post is going to highlight the most important areas of your page to optimise and how to do it. Once you have your page optimised you can then start building the necessary off page factors as doing off page first may lead to relevancy issues and Google is all about relevancy. Continue reading

Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic

In blogging content is king and marketing is queen. If you write high quality original content and promote it then the result may be an increase in organic traffic, or not.  If it’s not easy to locate your content in search engines then there will be no increase in new traffic.  Thus, what determines success … Continue reading

Google’s SEO Starter Guide

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how to optimize websites and I’ve found that there are many free seo tips, tools and resources for bloggers available online. I’ve found several useful sites and have registered to receive some newsletters that will contain tips that I intend to share with my readers. This weekend’s … Continue reading

Ten Causes of Social Media Meltdown

by Doc Nicole Sundene, Naturopathic Physician, Editor in Chief of Kitchen Table Medicine La la la la la la …isn’t social media fun?  First you make a few accounts meet some great people, find some fabulous blogs to read and receive unsolicited kind feedback and support from virtual strangers. Yay! Don’t you feel so positive? … Continue reading

Why, how and where to create a sitemap

Update: for bloggers If you have a free hosted blog like this one then you will not have to worry about getting a sitemap for it and submitting it to Google.  The official announcement that sitemaps are included in free hosted blogs was made on June 16th, 2008. Nikolay Bachiyski:  It is … Continue reading

SEO tips, tools and resources for bloggers

I have been busy in the background searching the internet for free SEO tips, tools and resources that bloggers and I’m happy to say that I found and have found, used and reviewed quite a few that I would like to share with you. SEO is the acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search … Continue reading

How to make money online

I’m fairly sure that many who hit on my last post How to make money by blogging assumed that I was going to give them some magical secret making quick bucks. The bottom line is that if you do not know: how to be a skillful blogger; how to create an archive full of quality … Continue reading

How to make money by blogging

We’ve all heard the hype about making millions with our blogs but the fact remains that very few bloggers have the degree of expertise required to produce content that brings in the massive number of hits on advertisements that are required to make a living from blogging. The make money blogging niche is the largest … Continue reading