Relevant Anchor Text Matters

linkAnchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Properly selected anchor text tells search engines and visitors what the page is about before they land on it. The keywords contained in anchor text helps determine search engine ranking. When used wisely relevant anchor text boosts a site’s rankings in search engines.
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No Metadata Required for Good SEO

head is a multiuser blogging platform. Our blogs share a common architecture and we bloggers cannot access metadata. This is no barrier to site discover-ability, indexing or search engine optimization. However, when answering support forum questions posed by bloggers with metadata madness sharing our reality with them can cause a head spin. Continue reading

Branding on the Blog and Beyond the Blog

If you are a blogger who is confused about brands and branding you aren’t alone. And if you think “branding”  relates only to those who use their blogs to market products or services then think again.  In terms of your blog, your brand is how your target audience perceives you and your blog content. Continue reading

Guest blogging for SEO gets the boot

Guest blogging for links and pay is big money business – illegitimate business.  Matt Cutts heads Google’s spam team and gives those using guest blogging for SEO purposes a boot in the butt. He approved 423 comments in response and the majority are from whiny protesters and nit-pickers who didn’t like his reality check. Continue reading

Surprise PageRank Update 2013

grinchThough no Google PageRank update was expected until 2014 as the toolbar was broken, on December 6th there was an unexpected update. Relevancy and reliability are the two important elements of search engine page results and my blogs both retained their page ranks? How did your blog(s) do? Continue reading

Responsive Web Design: The Gold Standard

tabletsConsidered to be a fad when introduced, Tablets are quickly replacing PCs and Tablet sales are likely to surpass PCs by 2015. Worldwide PC shipments are down 11 percent.  So, as Peter Cashmore predicted, 2013 is the year  responsive design has taken off and soared. Continue reading

Category and Tags Descriptions and SEO

question marksSEO is a hot topic these days. How do you increase your Google page rank? How do you build a better site for readers and search engines? Go to your Google Webmaster’s Account and look for duplicate meta descriptions errors and duplicate title tags errors. Here’s how to correct some and prevent more errors.

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Google Encrypting Keyword Searches, Ads Exempted

red question markYou must have noticed the increase in “Unknown search terms” in your stats. I’m seeing hundreds in mine and they are growing daily.

Web site owners want to know the keyword terms visitors type into Google search to locate their sites, but no more keyword data will be provided from Google.

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Google’s Matt Cutts on Stock Images

The question posed to Matt Cutts of Google’s anit-spam team was, “Does using stock photos on your pages have a negative effect on rankings?”

View the answer here via Google’s Matt Cutts: Stock Images Do Not Impact Search Engine Rankings.

Do you think using stock images is an indicator of the quality of the content on any site that’s not a photoblogging site? If so why and if not then why not?

Google’s Penguin Update Impacts

penguinThe latest release of Google’s Penguin Update, an updated algorithm is live. This new release of Penguin is estimated to impact roughly 2.3% of English queries conducted through Google’s search engine. This is the fourth update of the Penguin algorithm which targets black hat web spam and is far  more powerful than earlier Penguin updates.
Penguin 1 on April 24, 2012
Penguin 2 on May 24, 2012
Penguin 3 on October 5, 2012 Continue reading

Keyword Metatags

google magnifying glass

The keywords metatag was a critical element for early search engines but hasn’t been used in search engine ranking since 2002. There is no such thing as setting a meta keyword tag for a blog. However, from time to time new bloggers post to the support forums asking for instructions for setting a meta keyword tag for their blog.   Continue reading

Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

black 3
I know it’s not Friday when I usually publish this weekly feature but I can do more reading so why wait? Happy reading!

Five Things You Should Not Do On Your Home Page - Most people immediately press X button on their browsers after seeing cluttered home pages. If you want to avoid it, here are few things that you should not to do on your home page. Continue reading

Quick Blog Post Tagging Tips

google magnifying glassYou probably know that targeted readers use search engines to do keyword searches to locate information of topical interest to them. But did you know that successful blogs draw between 30 – 60 % of their incoming targeted readers from search engine referrals?

Aha! Now that I have your attention allow me to quickly share some blog post tagging tips that will increase targeted traffic to your blog posts.

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Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

weekend readingI had a productive and satisfying week and hope you did too. I kept to my schedule. I completed my month end contracted work 2 days in advance of the deadline. I used that time to clean up my computer files on all 3 computers preparatory to the big computer switch over, which was scheduled and cancelled once again. Being on call for the 3 computer switch over is nerve wracking because it means they must be ready to be carted off at a moment’s notice. Continue reading

Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

books stackedAnother week is  almost gone and I’m wondering where it went.  Here’s my weekly offering for you readers.

Blog Log #2: The One Thing I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started Blogging – When you first start out blogging, you’re hungry. You’re excited. You have a million ideas. But nobody talks about how you’ll feel five years in.  … Blogging for fame and fortune usually leads to burnout. Blogging as a creative outlet or to support a business usually has longevity. Do what you do because you love it but also have a goal. Continue reading

Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

We live in an information age that’s best described as the age of digital overwhelm. We all have lives to live and very few make an income from blogging. It’s not surprising that content curation in the form of digital digests, online magazines and curated content blog posts are is becoming a popular way for hobby bloggers to filter noise and share relevant material with online friends. Continue reading

Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

just for youThis is something new I’m trying out to see how it goes over with you Readers. The idea I have is to publish a brief post every Saturday that contains links to to articles I found to be the best related reads and resources of the week,  as a well as, tips and tweaks that are too small to expand and create a full blog post from.   Continue reading

Stick to SEO Basics and Avoid SEO Mistakes

seoSEO (search engine optimization) is  important  for two reasons, both of which are critical to your blog’s success.  Search engines can be the largest source of organic (unpaid) traffic to your blog. The visitors search engines deliver are targeted readers already interested in your  content who are are more likely to return an/or subscribe. That’s why it makes sense for bloggers to learn basic SEO elements and focus on making  Google their blog’s best friend. Continue reading

12 Website Navigation Guidelines

sitemapRecent studies indicate we bloggers now have as few as 30 seconds to impress or lose the attention of a visitor. While there is no one correct way to move visitors around your site good web design means easy navigation for all visitors.  If your site navigation isn’t intuitive then all the hard work you do to promote your content is for nothing, as visitors these days scan content quickly, and they won’t return if they can’t immediately locate what they want.  Continue reading

Facebook’s New Graph Search and You

facebook eyeIt’s no surprise that Facebook, which is arguably  among the largest data mines based on voluntary content submission there is online has announced a BETA social search feature ie Graph Search as it’s  making a lot of noise.  Facebook members can search for other users and filter the results based on  interests, education, age, location  and much more.  If you make it into the BETA program you may be surprised or even shocked at what you find when you use Facebook  Graph Search. Continue reading

More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog:

The amount of information bloggers receive as it happens on any given day is so much and so rapidly delivered that it’s intellectually impossible to keep pace. Content curation is a time management and content creation strategy that could be your best hope for overcoming the challenge. Continue reading

More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog:

paperliResearching, creating content, publishing and blog promotion are time consuming activities. Relationship building is critical to blogging success but where will the time required come from?

Mastering content curation and presenting the best digital content on a specific topic online, will not only increase traffic to your blog and backlinks to your content; it will also result in more time to create unique content. Continue reading

More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Guest Blogging


Creating a blog is easy – everyone is doing it!

Getting your blog content found is hard because every blogger is seeking more traffic and it’s  very “noisy” out there.

Backlinks to your content are like votes for your blog. The more backlinks your blog receives the higher it will rank in search engine search results.

So every blogger is seeking both traffic to their blog and backlinks to their content.

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10 Guidelines for Writing Engaging Posts

10 stepsEveryone seems to be blogging these days and getting attention, let alone, building a readership is becoming more and more challenging. I received several requests for a how to post on writing an engaging blog post.  My long answer to the question is found in Writing a Blog Post.  My short answer is: write for your readers.  Know who your audience is and what they want to know, then give them what they want. Continue reading

Google Search Zeitgeist 2012

Google zeitgeistAbout Zeitgeist – Each year Google gathers a list of the top search queries from their users in the US and 50 countries worldwide. The list is called, “Zeitgeist,” which comes from German meaning, “The spirit of the times.” The annual Zeitgeist report reveals what captured the world’s attention in the past year—our passions, interests and defining moments as seen through search.

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Keyword Power in the Blogging World

keyYou blog to reach an audience, who find your content by using search engines. That’s why it’s critical that you ensure major search engines are clear on what your posts and blog are about. Learning some basic search engine optimization (SEO) begins with understanding keywords and how and where to use them.  Continue reading

6 Ways to Make Google Your Blog’s Best Friend

best friend googleThe reason you blog  is to inform, persuade, provoke controversy or entertain an audience. Publishing valuable content gets your blog found and creates a strong web presence as more readers discover it. Publishing value added content is bound to increase your authority in your niche and make Google your blog’s best friend. Continue reading

Top 5 Site Title Tag Tips

title tag Are you blogging and thinking ‘build it and they will come’? If you are, then put on your thinking cap and think again. We all want our blogs to receive search engine attention so they attract incoming targeted readers. It’s site title tags that tell search engines and their users you have the welcome mat out. Continue reading

Targeted Blog Post Titles Draw Traffic

man with magnifying glass First impressions are lasting impressions and that’s why blog post titles are almost as important what you write within the post itself.  Your blog post titles should attention grabbers that interest readers enough to compel them to click the title link and read the full post.  Best practice for crafting targeted titles is use of the active voice and strong present-tense verbs. Continue reading

Panda and Penguin algorithm updates

Every blogger should read Google’s quality guidelines.  There have been at least nine major updates to Google’s “Panda” algorithms since they were introduced February 2011 to purge search results of  duplicate content and low quality content. Google’s Penguin Update launched on April 24, 2012 was a change to Google’s search results designed to punish pages that have been spamming Google.  Continue reading