No Metadata Required for Good SEO

head is a multiuser blogging platform. Our blogs share a common architecture and we bloggers cannot access metadata. This is no barrier to site discover-ability, indexing or search engine optimization. However, when answering support forum questions posed by bloggers with metadata madness sharing our reality with them can cause a head spin. Continue reading

Keyword Metatags

google magnifying glass

The keywords metatag was a critical element for early search engines but hasn’t been used in search engine ranking since 2002. There is no such thing as setting a meta keyword tag for a blog. However, from time to time new bloggers post to the support forums asking for instructions for setting a meta keyword tag for their blog.   Continue reading Heading Tags from h1 – h6

Heading tags are an important part of any HTML document and blogs are HTML documents.  Search engine spiders read HTML and understand the relevance of heading tags, so when heading tags are used appropriately search engines give more weight to text that is inside a heading tag. That’s why it’s important for bloggers to learn what HTML heading tags are and how to use them properly. Continue reading

Top 5 Site Title Tag Tips

title tag Are you blogging and thinking ‘build it and they will come’? If you are, then put on your thinking cap and think again. We all want our blogs to receive search engine attention so they attract incoming targeted readers. It’s site title tags that tell search engines and their users you have the welcome mat out. Continue reading

Panda and Penguin algorithm updates

Every blogger should read Google’s quality guidelines.  There have been at least nine major updates to Google’s “Panda” algorithms since they were introduced February 2011 to purge search results of  duplicate content and low quality content. Google’s Penguin Update launched on April 24, 2012 was a change to Google’s search results designed to punish pages that have been spamming Google.  Continue reading

Reposting content from other sites

In one ear we hear that to increase reach cross-posting a blog post or update on a number of other sites and social media platforms will lead to success. In the other we hear cross-posting too many automated links will class us as spammers. In this post you can view Matt Cutts of Google in a video where he answers a cross-posting question. Continue reading