Meet a Bilingual International Blogger

wpid-sfondocateBy guest blogger catezapp who blogs at

Hi there readers.I am a member of one cool site for quite a while now. I am Italian but have an English mum and have traveled quite a lot. In my blog which now I have had several years, I post in both Italian and English because I have both readers. Continue reading

Free Online Image Editing Programs – FotoFlexer

I’m not technically inclined and don’t choose to learn how to use perplexing photo editing programs. Instead I use several free online image editing programs frequently.  If GIMP gives you headaches and photshop confuses you, try FotoFlexer. The ease of use and the variety of features brings me back to FotoFlexer time and again. Continue reading

Worrisome (or not) Reader Developments

littleworrydoll2Does your blog visitors becoming offsite readers worry you? I’m asking because the Reader is becoming the new black and will continue to be fleshed out like a magazine – a magazine with full posts and sharing features, so readers don’t have to bother to click into blogs at all.  Continue reading

More Christmas freebies for your blog

christmas hollyEvery year I do some web surfing to locate free Christmas graphics.  Below are sites I selected I this year. Also visit Free Christmas blog headers and graphics, a collection which has been updated every year since 2009, and don’t forget these 4 Year End Blog Post Ideas.

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Freshen Your Theme with Seasonal Touches

You can freshen your blog appearance in many ways that reflect seasonal changes and holidays that range from changing themes  temporarily to less dramatic decorative changes to the theme you are using now.  Consult your calendar and  unleash your creativity to transmit your brand to your readership through seasonal events, holidays and special occasions. Continue reading

20 Gov’t Sources of Free Images for Your Blog

abcollageRegardless of where you live your federal, state, regional and local governments can be sources of public domain images and other media for use in your blog. So don’t let the lack of a camera stop you from enhancing your posts with thousands of high quality public domain images. Do be sure to read the Terms of Use on each site as thousands of other free images and media files are available too, provided attribution (copyright) is respected. Continue reading

Official Gallery Widget-at last!


A long awaited and very cool addition to the widget collection has arrived.

Originally posted on Random Acts of Photography:

Imagine my delight today to find that has added an official Gallery widget that you can add to any widget area on your site (sidebar or footer). Have a look below to see the new widget in action.

While there’s no official Support doc yet, adding and using the widget is pretty straightforward. Just add it to a widget area, open it and select “Add Images” to choose images from your Media Library and create a new Gallery. Select which Gallery type you want displayed and what the images should link to and save. Couldn’t be easier!

Thank you!

(and Thank You Google Alerts!)

Update: The official Support document is now available!

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Google’s Matt Cutts on Stock Images

The question posed to Matt Cutts of Google’s anit-spam team was, “Does using stock photos on your pages have a negative effect on rankings?”

View the answer here via Google’s Matt Cutts: Stock Images Do Not Impact Search Engine Rankings.

Do you think using stock images is an indicator of the quality of the content on any site that’s not a photoblogging site? If so why and if not then why not?

Mark Armstrong Illustration | Because Nothing Succeeds Like Humor And Good Illustration

This is a mini Photoshop tutorial that contains a larger lesson: when you paint yourself into a corner, you can sometimes paint your way out of it. That’s good to know if you’re an illustrator who sometimes makes poor color choices. via Mark Armstrong Illustration | Because Nothing Succeeds Like Humor And Good Illustration.

Google Image Search Redesign Raises Ire

angerRoughly a week ago Google began rolling out their new Image Search.  That roll-out is live now worldwide but not everyone is happy with the streamlined Google image  search result. Webmasters are not pleased that searchers can get the high resolution image in search results, rather than having to click through to the source to see that high resolution image. Continue reading

Image uploading? Size is everything

Size is everything. Lack of image preparation prior to upload leads to loss of image quality, waste of upload space and the frustration involved in troubleshooting. Worse still, it can lead to creating a bad experience for your readers.  Take note of this timely post titled How Big Am I – GIF, JPEG, PNG and learn how to prepare your images prior to uploading them. Continue reading Media Makeover

surpriseAs an early Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa gift to us all changed the entire format for image uploading, editing,  creating slideshows and galleries.

Predictably, the support forum has been busy since the announcement was made and bloggers discovered they could now Upload and Edit Media Seamlessly on Continue reading

Multiple Galleries on a Page or Post launched new style layout options for photo galleries that allows users to create magazine-style mosaic layouts. When adding a gallery to a post or page we can select Rectangular, Square, and Circular gallery layouts.  Panos (justpi) of WordPress Tips came up a quick method for creating multiple galleries on blogs with themes that support Custom Menus. So get ready to combine the two to make some beautiful galleries featuring your best photos in fine fashion.

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Gallery Makeover for

The Gallery feature has had another makeover. You can now choose to display your “thumbnails” as circles or as squares rather than the default thumbnails, which until now have been either landscape or portrait according to your uploaded image. Read about it and view some samples here > Circles, Squares and Mosaics! The Gallery Feature Gets Another Makeover  and here >  Shapes and Mosaics: New Ways of Displaying Your Gallery Thumbnails

Free Images for Your Blog or Website

Looking for inspiration? Images add visual interest to posts and SEO value.  Do you need a free wallpaper, background, header image or illustration for your blog or website?  Do you want to get the most out of image search? The quick and easy way to find free images you have permission to use is by searching for public domain images or those under the Creative Commons license. Here are seven free sources I recommend.  Continue reading

WordPress Image Carousel Update

Eight months ago the image carousel made its debut.  That first iteration of the carousel made it possible for an image gallery to display a set of thumbnail images attached to a particular post or page.  The gallery shortcode could also be used to display the post or page’s gallery.  Now the improved version 2 of the carousel is avaliable to users and to users via the Jetpack 1.5 with Carousel plugin.

If you haven’t yet to discover this excellent resource on working with galleries in blogs then do yourself a favor and visit Random Acts of Photography AKA Not The Official Gallery FAQ. It’s been updated and contains the answers to almost every carousel and gallery related question you can ask.