WordPress.com Media Makeover

surpriseAs an early Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa gift to us all WordPress.com changed the entire format for image uploading, editing,  creating slideshows and galleries.

Predictably, the support forum has been busy since the announcement was made and bloggers discovered they could now Upload and Edit Media Seamlessly on WordPress.com. Continue reading

Align Images: HTML Tables for WordPress Blogs

sad girlAligning multiple images in a WordPress blog in an attractive and organized manner is frequently problematic, most particularly for new bloggers. They often ask:  Why don’t my images align the way I want them to?

This second HTML table tutorial is aimed  answering that question and providing a solution.  After wrestling with alignment and spacing in the editor, I discovered placing images in HTML tables  in my WordPress blog presented them extremely well and was easy to do, provided your theme does support HTML tables but not all themes do.

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