Disable Blog Comments: Okay or No Way?

Update: October 28th, 2014. I am currently Blogging Without Obligation. Are social media sites replacing blogs? Prior social media sites existing a blog did something a website didn’t do: a blog allowed us to personally reach and interact with far more people ie. potential readers than we could reach by any other means. Continue reading “Disable Blog Comments: Okay or No Way?”

Create a Business Blog, Website or Both?

skyscraperThe new age of marketing has dawned, and it’s a fact that people need to feel a personal connection to your business before they are willing to get on board with your product or service. That’s why creating a frequently updated blog rather than a static website is the way to go. Continue reading “Create a Business Blog, Website or Both?”

Light, Liberty, Goodwill and Gratitude

It can’t get any better than a holiday turkey and lattkes feast. The first night of Hanukkah starts at sundown, kicking off an eight day festival of lights. This also is the first time Thanksgiving Day becomes the new Black Friday, except it’s on Thursday night!

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WordPress.com Email lists, Newsletters and Privacy

news eventsThe two primary reasons bloggers offer email newsletters are to promote their posts and/or products/services. But keeping a newsletter going is no easy feat because subscribers suffering from digital overwhelm as we all are, may be tempted to unsubscribe.

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Writing Is Not Blogging

hand holding pen writingBy Guest Author, Cynthia of  Wine, Woman and Travel.

More and more print writers are publishing their content online, but when they start touting themselves as bloggers… I cringe and cannot help feeling a bit resentful.  A brilliant writer does not necessarily a brilliant blogger make. Continue reading “Writing Is Not Blogging”

Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

weekend reading8 Blogging For Business Tips You Still Mess Up – You might know a lot about blogging. But there’s also a few things you don’t know. Information that, if used correctly, can help you better your current strategy or even build a new killer one from scratch. Continue reading “Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources”