Blog Challenges for Blog Improvement

In case you have missed it Staff are running a 30 day blog challenge titled Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog. The challenge has entered day 4  today. Anyone can join in.  It matters not if the blog is brand new or one you have been publishing in and want to improve.  So click on over and participate. Continue reading

Colors! We have colors!

color wave

color wave

There is an exciting new color palette feature addition that bloggers using eight free themes will enjoy. Eight free themes, including Superhero, Writr, Spun, Panel, Zoren, Fontfolio, Twenty Thirteen, and Typo,  now offer free color palettes you can apply. Read the announcement. Hopefully, more themes will be graced with the same feature soon. Continue reading

Better Blogging by the Numbers

Want to find blogging tips, tools and tutorials in this blog fast? This index of links  to blogging tips articles in list post format that itemize ways to build a better blog, become a better blogger and promote effectively may help you find what you need quickly. Continue reading Reader, show full text or not?

mobilesThroughout the last 2 years I have been trying to accommodate mobile and tablet users by choosing responsive width themes. I have been happily noting I do have more mobile and tablet viewers. However, I have also noted something perplexing and wonder if my readers have noticed it too.

Have you noticed your page view stats are descending as your mobile and tablet users are increasing in number? Continue reading

Twenty Fourteen: Going Further

Futher (Twenty Fourteen)The New WordPress default theme; ‘Twenty Fourteen’ is a dark magazine styled beauty with balanced use of white space that’s absolutely packed useful and eye-popping features. From lovely typography and a prominent featured content area up top to multiple sidebars and post formats, Twenty Fourteen has it all. Continue reading Theme Choice: Twenty Eleven

1 responsinator viewBetween 2011 – 2012 I noted those visiting my blog using mobiles and tablets were on the rise. I also noted the affects the mobile explosion was having on blog design and learned either selecting a mobile friendly theme or responsive width theme was a choice I could make. That’s when I began experimenting with all of the free responsive width themes.

I have now tested all of the free responsive width themes and have used Able Adelle, Blaskan, Misty Lake SightSundance, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Visual and Yoko on my blogs. Continue reading

Blogging Improvement: Leveling Up

665 - Pie Chart Art - Seamless PatternThe Internet provides powerful networking opportunities that allow bloggers to effectively target their audience. Hobbyists and professionals are long time members of the blogosphere who are skilled at networking. Small business people and big name brands are now taking advantage of  blogging software and social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to assert their business presence online and to reach more potential customers, business partners and employees through relationship building. In the future most businesses will have both a website and a blog and the two will most likely be on the same site. Continue reading

12 Website Navigation Guidelines

sitemapRecent studies indicate we bloggers now have as few as 30 seconds to impress or lose the attention of a visitor. While there is no one correct way to move visitors around your site good web design means easy navigation for all visitors.  If your site navigation isn’t intuitive then all the hard work you do to promote your content is for nothing, as visitors these days scan content quickly, and they won’t return if they can’t immediately locate what they want.  Continue reading

Authorship Markup for « Graphiclineweb

Most bloggers by now will have heard about claiming authorship for their posts. Possibly many will be wondering how to do this with their blog. The instructions for using the attributes rel=”author” and rel=”me” posted on Google are possibly a bit confusing for bloggers without some HTML background – in fact without some minor changes the markup will not verify!. This article seeks to provide an easy to use solution for bloggers using the platform.

via Authorship Markup for « Graphiclineweb. Continue reading

Create a Website at

I love WordPress

The primary thing to remember in creating a website is that you’re not creating the website for you; you’re creating the site for your visitors. If you have created websites on other software and now want to create one on software it’s important to fully comprehend the limitations of blogging on the multiuser blogging platform. Continue reading

The Case for Contact Forms

contact meWithout doubt bloggers are communicators and community builders. Blogs are focused on discussion but are comment boxes the only way for your visitors to make contact with you?  Do you post contact information on your blog? If you do, does it take the form of an email address and/or a phone number? Or do you use a contact form?  Continue reading

Viral Video Elements

jennifersmartwaterIt’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston, who was previously married to Brad Pitt plans to marry again. This time to Justin Theroux. Likewise it’s no secret that “sex sells”.  Aniston’s first Smartwater ad examines just what it takes for an internet video to go viral, but characterizing Aniston’s latest Smartwater video ad displaying on blogs as pornography is crazy. Continue reading

Gallery Makeover for

The Gallery feature has had another makeover. You can now choose to display your “thumbnails” as circles or as squares rather than the default thumbnails, which until now have been either landscape or portrait according to your uploaded image. Read about it and view some samples here > Circles, Squares and Mosaics! The Gallery Feature Gets Another Makeover  and here >  Shapes and Mosaics: New Ways of Displaying Your Gallery Thumbnails

Custom Menus: Featuring Older Content

Making content available to a growing community of readers is of paramount importance to bloggers. That’s why every blog should have a structure and navigation that’s intuitive and easy for readers to use. Though we aim to provide value in all our posts not all posts can be displayed on the front page of a blog. And the more we  publish the deeper our valuable content recedes into the blog where readers may not find it. What to do?

Continue reading

Top 7 Sure Article Types One May Benefit From

Those who are in blogging for years know that readers often get tired of one and the same content type. Even if you write brilliant articles, this doesn’t provide all-time success and recognition. Audience loves experiment, first of all experiments in article format. How many post types can you actually enumerate? Product reviews, tips, how-to’s, lists… is that all you know? Then this article is definitely for you! Have a look at proven article types which really work to engage blog audience and diversify content. Continue reading