Heartbleed Security Update

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:
Last week, a very serious bug in OpenSSL was disclosed.  OpenSSL, a set of open source tools to handle secure communication, is used by most Internet websites.  This bug, nicknamed Heartbleed, allowed an attacker to read sensitive information from vulnerable servers and possibly steal things like passwords, cookies, and…


Scraping Off the Blog Scrapers

Money from advertising income motivates blog scrapers to steal content. It’s only a matter of time before you discover your copyright has been violated and your content is now duplicated on a site you don’t want to be associated with. So let’s consider the impact of that duplication and how to counter it.

Rudely Interrupted by Snow

On Monday Environment Canada issued snowfall warnings for much of the Vancouver  island region including the Gulf Islands— where up to 15 centimeters was expected to fall and fall it did. The weight of the snow on trees resulted in many trees toppling over taking down the power lines and two days without power and running…

Quantcast: You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

I began using Sitemeter on my Blogger blog before WordPress.com introduced an in house stats program. I began using it here in 2006, still use it on both WordPress.com blogs, and won’t be letting it go any time soon because as Joni Mitchell sang:  you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.


7 Common Sense Social Networking Tips

There are positives to social networking but there are negatives too. Always exercise common sense when it comes to which social media sites you are active on and what you post. Not connecting cautiously and posting appropriately can ruin your reputation, so if you want to be a successful blogger think before you act. 

WordSesh is FREE!

About WordSesh – WordSesh is 1 full day of live WordPress presentations from all over the world streamed live to you wherever you may be. And best of all, it’s FREE! It’s like a virtual meetup in some ways as you can learn from the experts without leaving your home. WordSesh 2 is Saturday, December…

China Firewall Breached

Internet users are well aware of China’s censorship system but there’s a new way to breach the Great China Firewall. “The Golden Shield Project (Chinese: 金盾工程; pinyin: jīndùn gōngchéng), colloquially referred to as the Great Firewall of China[1] (Chinese: 防火长城; pinyin: fánghuǒ chángchéng) is a censorship and surveillance project operated by the Ministry of Public…


12 Time Management Tips for Top Blogging Performance

Scheduling enough time for creating original content, promoting it, answering comments, reading and leaving comments on other blogs is not an easy feat. Few bloggers I know are able to blog full time. They have active offline lives to live so they want to make the best possible use of  the time they spend online.

15 Plagiarism Detection Tools for Bloggers and Writers

There’s no difference between copyright law in cyberspace and print media; the same law applies both online and offline. You don’t have to remain a silent victim of make money blogger rip off artists like these two. You can check to see if your content has been stolen, and file DMCA take-down notices with the…

Writing Prompts and Scheduling Posts

If you need to help overcome writer’s block, or just want to get motivated to write and publish more then writer’s prompts and scheduled posts maybe be the combination you need.  No matter where you live there are daily, monthly and holiday writing prompts available to inspire your blogging every day of the year.