Blogging has a vocabulary of its own

It’s English, TimeThief, but not as I know it, not as I know It. By Guest Author, Jill who blogs at

The blogging world once was an alien world to me. When I realised that millions of people are publishing posts every day for anyone, anywhere to read I wondered if we might be heading towards some dystopian, Borg dominated future. Why do that, I wondered, and who exactly reads it anyway? Continue reading

On Becoming A Better Writer

By Guest Author, David Bennett who blogs at Photograph Works.

When TT said she’d like me to write a guest post, I racked my brains for what I could write about. She writes about blogging tips and she’s good at it. Continue reading

Green Lizard’s Blog

By Guest Author,  Lizard100, who blogs at
I started a blog a while ago but like all foolish bloggers I didn’t actually write it for some time. Since February 2014 that has changed. I am now blogging every day and really enjoying it.

Continue reading

From Academic Writing to Blogging

By Guest Author, Charlene Shannon-McCallum blogs at

I consider myself to be a newbie blogger. I started my blog All Things Leisure in August 2013. I am an academic who does research in the area of recreation and leisure. I would argue that my work reaches a very small and specific audience – other academics in my field and some practitioners. Continue reading