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paperworkAn index of links to basic blogging posts for beginners found in One Cool Site: WordPress blogging tips, tools & tutorials. Beginners’ Guide
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Tip: There is no one correct way to move visitors around your site but good design means easy navigation. Structuring a reader and search engine friendly site is the target to aim for.

Getting Started

  1. It’s About Time
  2. Blogging: Real Name or Pseudonym?
  3. Separate Username Accounts – Separate Blogs
  4. Gravatar, Avatar, Blavatar
  5. Creating an Effective Tagline
  6. Why About Pages are Essential
  7. Creating an Effective Blog Description
  8. Username Accounts, Logins and More
  9. Basic Netiquette for Beginner Bloggers
  10. Creating a New Blog
  11. Top 5 Site Title Tag Tips
  12. Copyright basics for bloggers
  13. Copyright and Public Domain
  14. Plagiarism, Attribution, Citation, Quotation
  15. Attribution is not Permission
  16. Is Your Email Address a Spam Magnet?
  17. Domain Mapping Tips
  18. Translation widget for blogs
  19. Helpful Links for Bloggers

Writing Posts and Pages

  1. Blogging: Focus on Content Creation
  2. Better Blogging at Pages and Posts
  3. How to Identify Your Blog’s Target Audience
  4. 10 Guidelines for Writing Engaging Posts
  5. Writing a Blog Post
  6. Avoid Special Character Use in Titles and Tags
  7. Heading Tags from h1 – h6
  8. Creating HTML Hyperlinks (Links) in WordPress
  9. Free Images for Your Blog or Website
  10. 20 Gov’t Sources of Free Images for Your Blog
  11. WORD and WordPress
  12. WordPress Formatting and Spacing
  13. Avoiding the “more tag” woes
  14. Spelling and Grammar Count
  15. New content: Pings For You
  16. Avoid creating 404 pages
  17. Deleting Accounts, Blogs and Content

Blog Structure

  1. How to structure a reader and search engine friendly blog
  2. Widgets: Less is More
  3. Custom menu walk-through
  4. Website, Blog or Hybrid: What’s your style?
  5. Keyword metatags
  6. Who Follows Who?
  7. Followers, Likes and Stats
  8. Free visitor tracking tools
  9. Sharing Buttons
  10. Widget Visibility Options
  11. Social Media Icons for Blogs
  12. WordPress Front Page Comment Display
  13. Comments and Discussion Settings
  14. Why blog comment moderation is a good thing
  15. Anonymous commenting on a blog
  16. A comment policy for your blog
  17. Dealing with Annoying Subscribers
  18. Keeping your blogging cool
  19. OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google
  20. OMG! My images are goneRecovering a lost blog post or page
  21. Help! I can’t see my images
  22. How to Get Better, Faster Support at
  23. Make a Free Award, Event or Website Badge
  24. WordPress: Create a random post icon
  25. Calendars, Countdown Timers and Messages for blogs

Become a Better Blogger

Blogging begins with a passion for something that matters. Learning from reader feedback helps you grow and your blog to evolve. Friendships rekindle the passion you had on the first day you began to blog. Engage, connect and comment to build a blog centered community. Network and be open to new ideas.

  1. How to become a Better Blogger 1 Introduction
  2. How to become a Better Blogger 2 Online Privacy
  3. How to become a Better Blogger 3 Ethics and Links
  4. How to become a Better Blogger 4 Essentials
  5. How to become a Better Blogger 5 Your Online Presence
  6. How to become a Better Blogger 6 Theme Evaluation
  7. How to become a Better Blogger 7 Brand Evolution
  8. How to become a Better Blogger 8 Goal Setting

Increasing Traffic and Backlinks

Backlinks to your content are like votes for your blog. The more backlinks your blog receives the higher it will rank in search engine search results.  So every blogger is seeking both traffic to their blog and backlinks to their content. Below are links to a series of posts on this subject that is undergoing continual updating.

  1. Understanding Backlinks
  2. Understanding Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Links
  3. Article Writing and Commenting Increase Backlinks to Blogs
  4. Article Writing and Backlinks
  5. Blog Directories for Backlinks and Traffic
  6. Backlinks from blog directories: What is their actual value?
  7. Incoming Links at
  8. Natural Links: Google Warns Webmasters

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