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A down to earth woman, a passionate wordpress blogging tips blogger, a meditator, and a conscious living and self improvement blogger.

From Academic Writing to Blogging

By Guest Author, Charlene Shannon-McCallum blogs at http://leisurethings.wordpress.com/

I consider myself to be a newbie blogger. I started my blog All Things Leisure in August 2013. I am an academic who does research in the area of recreation and leisure. I would argue that my work reaches a very small and specific audience – other academics in my field and some practitioners. Continue reading

A Salmon in Uncharted Waters

Fotor applause collageBy Guest author, Fiona who blogs at Fiona’s Favourites

Next week it will be seven months since I published my first post. This “blogging thing” is new to me, although writing is not. Also new, is writing what I want to write about; my “un”-professional voice. When I mentioned to Tom that I had an opportunity to write a blog about blogging, he looked at me as though I had just crashed in from another galaxy. So if I haven’t, after seven months of blogging, been able to explain it to him, I wonder if I know, myself. Continue reading

Stories – Untapped treasures you need to share

datebookBy Guest Author, Judy Berman who blogs at http://earth-rider.com

Imagine growing up listening to a spell-binding story-teller. What great fodder for a book.

My Dad shared some of his experiences on cassette tape so that I could write them up. He was an electronics engineer, made the first TV set we ever had and told stories filled with adventure, humor and danger. Continue reading

Beginner Blogging and Gentle Stitches

a collection of  amigurumi owlsBy Guest Author, Gentle Stitches who blogs at http://gentlestitches.com

The spaghetti had really hit the fan when I started blogging. The wheels had fallen off and the well was completely dry. Not one to indulge in wallowing, I did what any suddenly single parent without a job due to their sudden poor health would do. I started up craft and mending classes, took in mending, wrote and sold patterns and concentrated on all that was good in the world. To do this I needed to promote myself with a web page but there was a small snare here. My IT skills were, to be kind, not good. Continue reading

My Wee Blog: Put the Kettle On

tea timeBy Guest Author, Olivia who blogs at http://putthekettleon.net/

My blog began as an online portfolio to home some of my published articles and to advertise freelance writing, but I discovered (Timethief told me) that new and regular content would improve my Google ranking and help my site become more visible. Continue reading

Meet a Bilingual International Blogger

wpid-sfondocateBy guest blogger catezapp who blogs at http://ilmondodicate.wordpress.com/

Hi there readers.I am a member of one cool site for quite a while now. I am Italian but have an English mum and have traveled quite a lot. In my blog which now I have had several years, I post in both Italian and English because I have both readers. Continue reading

Pavlov’s Blog (Confessions of a Compulsive Commenter)

diaryBy Guest Author, Little Miss Menopause who blogs at thequotegal.wordpress.com

The Comment Section on a Blog can really bring out the same personality traits you would exhibit at a cocktail party. Having OCD, this has been a problem for me. Since there is no 12-step program – – my only hope is to share my experiences so I can (hopefully) recognize that I am not alone in my Over-Thinking the Comment Section! Continue reading

Do as I say, not as I do

splatroundcornerBy Guest Author, Susan who blogs at blogs at http://piedtype.com

I’m not the best person to advise you about blogging. I’ve broken most of the basic rules: Have a purpose, have a specific topic/theme, publish on a regular basis, etc. I confess I haven’t and don’t do any of these things. I started a blog to please myself. Period. Continue reading

Introducing Mrs. Fringe: A Peripheral Life

By Guest Blogger Mrs Fringe, who blogs at http://mrsfringe.wordpress.com

Sometimes the fringe falls just right. I’ve been thinking about writing a post on blogging; I recently had a discussion with a few other bloggers and I just passed my two year blogoversary on Mrs Fringe.   Then I saw Time Thief’s post on One Cool Site, asking for submissions while she recuperates.  Continue reading

WordPress.com Video Tutorial Collection

I love WordPress

I love WordPress

My introduction to the open source community and WordPress software became a love affair that’s ongoing. Eight years ago I received an invitation to become a WordPress.com blogger.  I accepted and discovered WordPress software and the community are the perfect fit for me. Continue reading

Paper.li Misunderstanding and Misinformation

Opinions that have no basis in fact and are fueled by misinformation and emotionality may plump up your stats and comments, but that kind of discussion environment is not one most bloggers benefit from. Worse still, when one fails to research before publishing that slip can be a hard one to recover from. Continue reading

Keeping in touch

I want to keep in touch with you Readers so you know what to expect and when to expect it.  I am undergoing lots of medical testing.I have another scan today, but after it I do intend to recommence my twice weekly publication schedule on July 14th. I can only mange one post per week now. Continue reading

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

email spamThere’s a reason why Canadian email accounts have been flooded by requests from companies and organizations that want to retain their contacts this spring. Canada’s new anti-spam legislation and regulations came into force on July 1st, 2014. Continue reading

When Enough was Enough

Read Blog Abandonment is not your only Choice first please and comment there.

I have given up on a blog and deleted it. The environmental/political blog I deleted in 2007 was successful, but a year after founding it I no longer wanted to deal with comments from legions of climate change deniers. I’m not referring to troll comments, which were even more numerous – those I simply deleted. Continue reading

Blog Abandonment is not your only Choice

peopleYesterday was the day I reserved  for my bi-annual Blogs I Follow clean-up. I’m sad that I found so many abandoned blogs that I had to unfollow. Do you know “Why Do 95% Of Bloggers Give Up? Most bloggers – maybe even 95% of bloggers – have no idea what they’re doing.”
Continue reading


Firefox 30 is a minor update in terms of functionality that has been added or changed in the browser.   Click Mozilla link or use the Get Firefox link to be redirected directly to the page where the latest official version of Firefox can be downloaded.

What’s new in Firefox?

Branding, Your WordPress Blog’s Name and Address

domain word cloudYour blog/website URL (web address), the site title, and a brief effective tagline operate as branding tools. Unique names and URLs for blogs and websites are highly valued for establishing individual brand identity and are specifically aimed at standing out from the crowd. Continue reading