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Quick update

sketchI’m recovering.  The swelling is subsiding and the pain is greatly reduced. I have full mobility again!  I’m expecting to know what the results of my last scans will be later today and I’m feeling positive about what they will show. Regardless of what the results are, I have benefited from being offline in the evenings and keeping my feet above my heart because I have caught up on my reading.

I’m not sure what I want to publish about as I’ve been lost in the fog of pain but I’m considering posting on the importance of originality when blogging. Do you my beloved Readers have any special requests?

WordPress.com Video Tutorial Collection

I love WordPress

I love WordPress

My introduction to the open source community and WordPress software became a love affair that’s ongoing. Eight years ago I received an invitation to become a WordPress.com blogger.  I accepted and discovered WordPress software and the community are the perfect fit for me. Continue reading

Paper.li Misunderstanding and Misinformation

Opinions that have no basis in fact and are fueled by misinformation and emotionality may plump up your stats and comments, but that kind of discussion environment is not one most bloggers benefit from. Worse still, when one fails to research before publishing that slip can be a hard one to recover from. Continue reading

Keeping in touch

I want to keep in touch with you Readers so you know what to expect and when to expect it.  I am undergoing lots of medical testing.I have another scan today, but after it I do intend to recommence my twice weekly publication schedule on July 14th. I can only mange one post per week now. Continue reading

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

email spamThere’s a reason why Canadian email accounts have been flooded by requests from companies and organizations that want to retain their contacts this spring. Canada’s new anti-spam legislation and regulations came into force on July 1st, 2014. Continue reading

When Enough was Enough

Read Blog Abandonment is not your only Choice first please and comment there.

I have given up on a blog and deleted it. The environmental/political blog I deleted in 2007 was successful, but a year after founding it I no longer wanted to deal with comments from legions of climate change deniers. I’m not referring to troll comments, which were even more numerous – those I simply deleted. Continue reading

Blog Abandonment is not your only Choice

peopleYesterday was the day I reserved  for my bi-annual Blogs I Follow clean-up. I’m sad that I found so many abandoned blogs that I had to unfollow. Do you know “Why Do 95% Of Bloggers Give Up? Most bloggers – maybe even 95% of bloggers – have no idea what they’re doing.”
Continue reading

The Importance of Links to Related Sites

linkIn past years blogrolls comprised of links to directly related sites were useful traffic driving tools. Then each blogroll your blog was listed in increased  the possibility that readers of blogs with similar content would click in and and visit your blog too. Continue reading


Firefox 30 is a minor update in terms of functionality that has been added or changed in the browser.   Click Mozilla link or use the Get Firefox link to be redirected directly to the page where the latest official version of Firefox can be downloaded.

What’s new in Firefox?

Branding, Your WordPress Blog’s Name and Address

domain word cloudYour blog/website URL (web address), the site title, and a brief effective tagline operate as branding tools. Unique names and URLs for blogs and websites are highly valued for establishing individual brand identity and are specifically aimed at standing out from the crowd. Continue reading

BC Supreme Court Okays Class Action Suit Against Facebook

facebook eyeThe BC Supreme Court  has given the go ahead today to a class action suit against Facebook. The BC class action lawsuit covers the period from January 1, 2011 to today. Unless they opt out of the lawsuit, anyone covered by the criteria is included in the class action. Continue reading

Tweets of the Week

twitter bird imageI’m a busy blogger on a tight time schedule trying to maintain a healthy online and offline life balance. Joining Spybook ie. Facebook doesn’t appeal and Google + is only mildly interesting to me. The time I have for social networking is spent on Twitter. Where do you invest your social networking time? Continue reading

Relevant Anchor Text Matters

linkAnchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Properly selected anchor text tells search engines and visitors what the page is about before they land on it. The keywords contained in anchor text helps determine search engine ranking. When used wisely relevant anchor text boosts a site’s rankings in search engines.
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Create a Business Blog, Website or Both?

skyscraperThe new age of marketing has dawned, and it’s a fact that people need to feel a personal connection to your business before they are willing to get on board with your product or service. That’s why creating a frequently updated blog rather than a static website is the way to go. Continue reading

Free Online Image Editing Programs – FotoFlexer

I’m not technically inclined and don’t choose to learn how to use perplexing photo editing programs. Instead I use several free online image editing programs frequently.  If GIMP gives you headaches and photshop confuses you, try FotoFlexer. The ease of use and the variety of features brings me back to FotoFlexer time and again. Continue reading


sketchFriday: Five days ago I put out my back. How I did that I don’t know. I just woke up crippled and in pain. I have sciatica which is “pain affecting the back, hip, and outer side of the leg, caused by compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower back, often owing to degeneration of an intervertebral disk”.  I will publish as soon as I can. Thank for your patience. Continue reading

Automattic Is Raising $160M in New Funding


This morning Automattic’s founder, Matt Mullenweg, announced that the company is raising $160M in new funding. After taking the helm as CEO earlier this year, Mullenweg said that he set out on a 100-day plan to pursue new funding and find a set of partners who share Automattic’s vision of an open web. – Read the full article  Automattic Is Raising $160M in New Funding

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No Metadata Required for Good SEO

head spinningWordPress.com is a multiuser blogging platform. Our blogs share a common architecture and we bloggers cannot access metadata. This is no barrier to site discover-ability, indexing or search engine optimization. However, when answering support forum questions posed by bloggers with metadata madness sharing our reality with them can cause a head spin. Continue reading

Adware, Malware and Your Computer

red question markWe frequently experience bloggers posting to the  WordPress.com support forums angrily reporting that there is advertising displaying on their blogs, despite the fact they have purchased No-Ads upgrades. Well, consider this post to be a wake-up call please, because what’s being reported is not advertising placed by WordPress.com; it’s adware that you need to remove. Continue reading