Disabling Infinite Scroll on your WordPress.com Blog

Imagine the surprise WordPress.com bloggers using  the Twenty Ten,  Twenty Eleven, Coraline and MistyLook themes experienced when they logged-in and discovered they had lost control of the number of posts they set to display on the main page for posts on their WordPress.com blogs. 

A Rude Awakening

On February 8th I woke up and found that the front page of this blog then wearing the Twenty Eleven theme was scrolling through almost 700 published posts. I was horrified,  as I’m well aware that page loading time is a page ranking factor and I know at least some of my readers would be negatively affected.

slow page loading time infuriates

Studies demonstrate that visitors will only wait for 3 – 4 seconds a site to load. Hence, slow page loading time is a frustration we don’t want visitors to experience. A blog’s load time will increase in accord with the number of images, videos, other media embeds and the number of widgets and  script running on a blog.  Resizing and optimizing  all images to the exact size they will be in the blog before uploading them helps reduce page loading time.   It’s  also why I insert “the more tag” prior to large images and embeds, and  limit the number of posts appearing on the front page of my blogs.

What Happened to Twenty Eleven?

What had happened to Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven on that fateful day was that Staff introduced “infinite scroll” to those themes.  This is a site wide change and Staff will be implementing it progressively on all WordPress.com themes that have a suitable structure for infinite scroll. See here for infinite scroll themes updates.

Infinite scrolling is a new interface technique you’ll find popping up on various websites. It allows users to browse through content without clicking on pagination links. Instead, all users have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and new content will automatically load on the current page. – Infinite Scrolling Best Practices

Do not need – Do not Want!

My “do not need – do not want” response  was to switch themes back to Inuit Types and start  searching for a workaround that would disable infinite scroll.  I was not alone in that, nor was I alone when it came to bloggers providing their “feedback” on infinite scrolling, and requesting an option for disabling infinite scrolling in many forum threads.  The infinite scroll thread was closed and then re-opened and closed again after a workaround was provided for some themes.

Infinite Scroll Workaround

If you have a theme with footer widgets you can use a workaround to regain control over how many posts are displayed on the front page of your blog.

The Reading Page at  Settings > Reading has this setting >

Blog pages show at most __ posts

Infinite scroll overrides that Reading page “Blog pages show at most __ posts” setting on themes where it has been and/or will be implemented and enabled.

1.   If you currently use a theme with footer widgets that are in use and that now has infinite scroll you may not be aware of the change (examples: Bueno, Coraline, Titan,Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven).

2.   If you are not currently using footer widgets on a theme that does have both footer widgets and infinite scroll and you want to be shed of it, then all you need to do is install an empty text widget into any footer area for widgets.  > Appearance > Widgets > Available Widgets > Text Widget (click the widget to open it and click “save” and “close”).

Then you will be able to disable infinite scroll by visiting your Reading Settings page in your Dashboard and the number of posts you set on the Settings > Reading page will prevail.

3.    If you use a theme without footer widgets that does have infinite scroll (examples: MistyLook, Ari, San Kloud, Sunspot ), and you want to be shed of it,  then you have two options:

(a)  You can switch to a theme that does have footer widgets and install an empty text widget into any footer area for widgets.   For some other theme possibilities see here > Sidebars and other widget areas: number and position

Once you have switched themes and installed the empty text widget  in any footer area you will be able to disable infinite scroll by visiting your Reading Settings page, in your Dashboard and unchecking the “Scroll Indefinitely” option on Settings > Reading page. Then you will regain control of how many posts display on the main page for posts of the blog, as the number of  posts you enter on Settings > Reading page will prevail. (Don’t forget to clcik “save changes”.)

(b) If you do not want to switch themes then first do what’s in (a) and then switch back to the original theme without footer widgets that you were using.

(c) If you do not want to switch themes the last remaining alternative to is create a static intro page in Pages > Add New, set your front to display that page in Settings > Reading, and rely on the Recent Posts and Categories widgets for navigation.

UPDATE: courtesy of Panos
a. Ari, MistyLook, San Kloud, Sunspot (no footer widgets) see 3. above
b. Bueno, Coraline, Titan, 2010, 2011 (yes footer widgets). see 2. above
In themes b, the number-of-posts-per-page option will show up after you disable the Infinite Scroll option in Settings > Reading.

UPDATE: The relevant workaround (i.e. adding footer widgets) doesn’t actually disable the feature: it simply changes it from loading automatically to loading via the “Load More Posts” tab.  You cannot you cannot disable the display of “Load More Posts”  without purchasing the Custom Design upgrade.

Selected Feedback on Infinite Scroll

If your audience is on a slow connection, this is VERY bad for them. If your audience is primarily European, Australian, Japanese, or North American, then it’s not so much of a problem. That’s the BIG issue for me. My blog is a pig to load at the best of times, and my experiences with infinite scroll at Tumblr tell me: people will use it, and will read a lot more of your blog, but as they do so, things will take longer to load and their computers may freeze entirely. — raincoaster

Have a look at Flickriver which is a great site which shows aggregated content from public Flickr pages. It has infinite scroll and is great as long as ones internet connection is up to it. My ‘net connection, although broadband, is slow as I live in a rural area. For me, Flickriver loads about three photos at a time and only the first of them appears in full while the others appear progressively from the top down, about a third of the first and second and the rest of the images take time to come. As I scroll down, the others aren’t even visible because my connection is too slow.  If infinite scroll is like this for someone with a slow broadband connection, think what it’s like for someone with dial-up. — absurdoldbird

Unfortunately, bandwidth is not the only factor which affects speed. People who for whatever reason are stuck on older computers are going to experience slower performance regardless of their connection. I am going to guess that your developers, being developers, are using fairly recent, high-spec hardware as well as the most recent version of Firefox / Chrome / Safari. Power users who do this stuff for a living may not always be a representative sample of the average wordpress.com blogger, and it does seem to be hard for them to grasp that stuff they think is shiny and cool may simply be an annoyance to someone who is less tech-minded. That may not be just because they’re change-averse, or negative, or stupid, or whatever. Every crappy thing that has ever existed on the internet, from blink tags to Flash intros to popups, looked cool and shiny to some geek, somewhere, once. — wank

There we go again…

Discussion – Feature Implementation (Stealth Mode)

The ability to disable infinite scrolling on themes with footer widgets was provided by Staff, after  lengthy discussion with bloggers, who did not appreciate losing the ability to control how many posts appear on the front/main page of their blogs and protested loud and long about not being able to disable that new feature. There has been no official announcement of the implementation of the “infinite scroll”  feature  on WordPress.com blogs on the official WordPress.com blog to date.  But it’s here to stay and its coming soon to a theme you use on your blog.  Do you have an opinion or an experience you would like to share?

128 thoughts on “Disabling Infinite Scroll on your WordPress.com Blog

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  2. Hi TT,

    I’ve just disabled Scroll Infinitely in Misty Look. Works fine and inserts a Load More Posts button instead. I’ve clicked through that and it seems to work OK without causing any problems, so I’ll stick with it.

    Apologies if that’s already covered here – not a good day today.

    Personally, I’ve not noticed any delays with page loading, but there are lots of people out there with slow connections and old computers (one of my followers is running XP with 760MB RAM – when I suggested that was absurdly low and the cause of most of her problems, she went off in a huff!), that WP seems to have no concern for.

    Which, of course, means they have no concern for the success of our blogs either.

    • Hi Ron, I have actually come full circle on infinite scroll. I have implemented it first for a month and as I experienced no adverse effects I then decided to keep it operating. Without doubt folks with old computers will experience problems with all kinds of things. My computer is a 4 year old PC running windows XP. I’m getting ready to replace it, though I do not experience and issue with infinite scroll while using it.

  3. I don’t have time to read all the comments but I would like to say something on my behalf. I have the Nishita theme, in any case, I also have an option, which isn’t unlike putting a widget in the footer, however, I get the same option to “load more pages” that I get when I supposedly “disable” infinite scrolling in my Reading options, because I do have that “option,” although I’m still not harpy with it.

    I think it makes putting all the work we do into our sidebars obsolete, because it doesn’t “continue” with the added pages. Unlike before when we “turned” the page, everything was relative to the sidebar, and not an “infinitely” blank sidebar running down the side of the page.

    I’m sorry, that simply looks stupid and like someone doesn’t know what they are doing.

    Call me “old school,”: I enjoy “turning” the pages. I want that inflection, that feeling of turning the page. I think infinite scrolling, and even “load more poss” is about as anti- aesthetic as it gets as far as a “blogging” is concerned.

    I will more than likely take my “blogging experience” elsewhere, but I won’t give up my url.

    Thank you for this post; it was insightful and helpful, particularly since WordPress support has closed any threads that have anything to do with the topic.

    • The future of blogging is a cloud hosted mobile future. The mobile web is growing at a phenomenal rate, and is forecast to overtake the desktop web in 2014. Then more people will access the internet for the first time using a mobile phone rather than using a desktop or a laptop and blogging will be done wherever one is. http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2012/02/19/is-your-blog-mobile-compatible/

      As more people use mobiles and tablets sharing that content will mean mobile ease of use will continue to have a major impact on blogging software design. In the past all of our viewers were using desktops and our strongest reliance was on widgets. Now more laptops, mobiles and tablets coming into use. Responsive width themes, custom menus and post formats are becoming more prominent. Responsive width means the the layout adapts depending on the size of the device being used to view your site. When responsive width themes are viewed on mobiles sidebars appear below the posts in order to provide as much space as possible for reading. http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2012/09/18/custom-menus-featuring-older-content/

  4. ‘Take what you get whether you like it or not and even it hurts you’. That’s the capitalist’s motto. I don’t like no matter where I find it.

    I don’t like infinite scroll. What’s to like? As I’m purusing earlier posts, after one click of the ‘Load more posts’ button, suddenly my theme gets messed up. I’m using Sapphire. WordPress has been amazingly generous with me. Therefore, I guess they’re entitled to toss in a little abuse with that. Right?

    I resent having to pay to ‘not’ be abused. That’s not quite the same thing as paying for something extra.

    Also, Why? Just because you (WP) can? Been there. Done that. Still don’t like it.

    The above directions, incidentally, are confusing. At least for someone who has no time for another distraction. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

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    • Garland theme is also very, very broken in IE9 since “infinite scrolling” was implemented to Garland on Thursday or Friday.

      Support is closed until July 23rd – 9 days away!

      I was pretty fed up with WP “improvements” when the price of the CSS upgrade was doubled and a not very useful bunch of fonts thrown in, which I don’t really want, barely make use of, but am paying for anyway. If I am going to be charged twice as much as I was paying for access to the CSS, I’d rather have a WYSIWYG editor that gives options for font size for body text and half a dozen useful serif and sans serif body text fonts than the Typekit fonts, many of which display with too much leading.

  6. I was shocked when I found out that this bizarre implementation is running on my blog. I am using Inuit types just because It is the lightest theme I found on WordPress Themes and also I like an organized, formal appearance. Luckily, I found your article on Google’s first page. I’m somewhat irritated so that I inquired “how to disable infinite scroll on inuit types WordPress theme” as the keywords… This article is really great and I wholeheartedly seconded every single words in this post. (Also, I am using dial-up connection which adds more reason why I dislike infinite scrolling.)

    Thank you very much!

    • Hello there,
      I have a long standing love affair with Inuit Types and used a paid version of the theme on my self hosted blog. From time to time I switch back to using it on this blog and on my personal blog too. My initial response to losing control over how many posts were displayed on my front page was horror followed by irritation. I’m glad you were able to locate my post in Google so your could disbale it. Infinite scroll must be awful for those on dial-up connections.

        • Hi there,
          I take it that you aren’t enamored with infinite scroll. I’m happy know you found what you needed here to disable it. I find that I’m not as negatively focused towards infinite scroll as I was orginally.

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      • I’ve just recently been introduced to this Endless Scrolling issue – I have been offline for almost a year, and of course using Coraline, I was hit with it the same way all of you have been.

        It affects my blog differently, because I could see the footer widgets you originally could not. They have only come up with a limited work around, not simply an on/off switch, as the “solution” does not address the issue of a defined page length. My problem with this is that I have Page Tabs on the Header, several Sidebar widgets, none of which are accessible with the “best case” answer of having the “Load More Posts” button. The Header and Sidebar were taken into consideration when deciding how many posts to display on the page. And after about 10 posts, none of that functionality is available to be used. Very frustrating.

        I actually want my blog to have the “” at the defined boundaries of the page. The aggravation for me is that I will apparently have to go to a self hosted arrangement in order to remove the influence.

        It may very well contain some insight to future trending – mobile users on iPads and Smart Phones, etc. find it easier to navigate. Wheeee! I’m Scrolling! But I do not look to the people using these devices as my primary target audience. That would be tantamount to writing books for people who don’t read, they’ll just wait for the movie… we can’t have all that demand placed on us to turn to the next page.

        If it’s too difficult to click to go to the next page, they are on the wrong blog and/or I am not doing my job in terms of capturing their interest.

        • Under Appearance on the Dashboard, it does have the options for – Mobile and iPad.
          Maybe the Infinite Scrolling would be an appropriate default behavior there?

        • Hi there,
          Welcome back to the blogosphere. I don’t have a mobile or a tablet so I don’t have any experience of blogging using to blog or to even read blogs. I’m sure you are not the only mobile or tablet user who isn’t pleased with the change but what can I say? We either accept it or we move to a wordpress.org install.

      • Does this imply that we can anticipate a WordPress WYSIWYG editor for Mobile and iPad themes on our blog? Not a “Sample” text indication of what the typeface should look like?

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  9. Thanks, timethief, to you and to existneceandessence. I took me a few tries as well, but I’ve gotten Vigilance to switch back to no infinite scrolling – for the time being! Sadly, I may be looking to leave WP, as this kind of high-handedness is really unacceptable. But I’m so glad that I don’t have to stare at that ugly, floating theme box anymore!

    Thanks for the workaround!

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  12. THANK YOU. Vigilance switched over and it took a couple tries, but I found that switching to Twenty Ten, adding the footer text widget, and then unchecking the infinite scroll option worked beautifully (tried a couple other themes before that that didn’t work). Hopefully the workaround holds up!

  13. I can’t thank you enough for this information. I was able to fix my Pilcrow theme back to my preferred method of chunking the front page to show the last five recent posts. Your efforts to keep us informed are truly, truly appreciated!

  14. Thank you for the information! Unfortunately I still can’t figure it all out. I think it’s really confusing, and I’m using a Twenty Eleven theme :/

    • I’m using Twenty Eleven and I used these instructions. Please try following them again. By placing an empty text widget in the footer you will find the option to disable infinite scroll appears on this page > Settings > Reading.

  15. Black Letter-Head theme started this today. My blog is way, way too image heavy for this to be feasible. Forgive my ignorance, but are these foot widgets something you import, because I’m not seeing any available in my current theme. Just moved over to WordPress. Just got the new site running and looking great, aaaaaaannnndd then this happens. Fantastic. Why in the name of good grief would they not give you the option to disable this.

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  17. Timethief is a misnomer! You saved me from a meltdown. Just started my blog on Twenty Eleven and was confused about why the navigation widget was disappearing. I will have a lot of photos and tutorials to post and want my readers to always have the nav available. Your fix went just as you said. There was even the appearance of a checkable box, which I hadn’t noticed before, after I implemented you fix. It was still checked, even though the posts per page option had magically reappeared. I happily unchecked it. Thank you so much for you dedication. I’ll now call you Timesaver if you don’t mind. ME

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  19. Thanks so much for this workaround! This is one of my favorite themes so I’m very happy to not be stuck with infinite scrolling. Althoug it seems like it was be an issue for many blogs soon.

    • Hi Sandra,
      This is one of my favorite themes too and infinite scroll is simply not for me. This is a site wide chnage so it will coming to other themes as well.

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  21. Hi Timethief,

    I’ve been directed to your pages after I too encountered the dreaded Infinite Scroll today.

    Your work around seems great and a lot of people are benefiting from your generous advice, alas it doesn’t appear to be working with the theme that I’m using, Chaotic Soul. I love this theme and I’d hate to lose it. Do you have any suggestions at all, or am I simply being a bit thick and doing something wrong? I suspect the latter may actually be the case as I’m dreadful with this kind of thing.

    Thanks so much for your input, I appreciate it, as I’m sure everyone else does. There should be more helpful people like yourself around.

    Regards then.


  22. Hi TimeThief.

    I’ve been directed to your pages after I encountered the dreaded Infinite Scroll today and while your directions seem very concise, I cannot seem to get them to work – I’m using Chaotic Soul as my theme.

    Do you have any ideas or am I being just a little bit thick? Probably the latter.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help everyone, it’s very much appreciated. :)

  23. I’m new to using WordPress, so when I went to my site using Misty Look, It was loading every post at once and did not have a way to disable it. I thought it was something I inadvertently I did. I didn’t get any notice about the change, so I really thought it was me! I spent considerable time trying to figure it out. Little did I know it was a new feature intended to load all posts and to generally slow things down. I post lots of pictures, ’cause I’m an art teacher and in one stroke, my site was made unusable, or at least it became a site with a very long load time. I then sorted my way through forums and discovered a wonderful person by the name of “timethief” who told me I had to change templates in order to get everything to work. So I did and now it’s back to normal, with a different look until the next upgrade. I’m just using the freebie stuff, so far, so I really don’t have a right to complain. The whole process of upgrades reminds me of Microsoft: upgrades I can’t opt out of , don’t help me, or make something that used to work, worse. Just weird, but thank you to timethief!

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  25. Thanks for this TT. Though I’d realised when they rolled out the changes on the first two themes that they wouldn’t stop at that and, really, I don’t think they’ll stop at any of them. The most likely thing is that the ones they can’t put scrolling onto they’ll just discontinue.

    I get the feeling that all this is to do with the way the internet is changing. I was having a look at Blogger recently and they’ve got this thing called Dynamic Views (which can only be turned off by adjusting the feed settings. I tried it on and off in a new blog there but am really not a fan of the site) and that’s similar – scrolling, lots of images, no access to all sorts of things one would really want on a home page.

    They won’t change this back anymore than they’re likely to call a halt to reblogging or this stupid comment rubbish they’ve just brought in, so having a way to change it is great. I just hope they don’t remove that too.

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  28. I did notice it on my Twenty Ten site and thought I’d goofed something up…then decided I hadn’t but did not prefer its scrolling–I’d prefered to only show 6-8 gallery set post on one page. I’d prefer to have it optional…

    • Hi Joni,
      For some types of blogs infinite scroll may be suitable and for others it may not be. What’s important is having the ability to opt in or opt out of using it.

  29. TT, I’ve nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. You don’t have to do a thing, just wanted to stop by and let you know that I appreciate all you do for us Word Pressers.

    • Hello there,
      Thanks for the kind words and for thinking of me. I feel honored. It’s good to hear from you but here’s the situation. I have declined several of these awards this year and if I accept this one I will offend every other blogger who presented me with an award I previously declined.

  30. No I wasn’t right: I got confused too…
    At the moment the contaminated themes are:
    a. Ari, MistyLook, San Kloud, Sunspot (no footer widgets),
    b. Bueno, Coraline, Titan, 2010, 2011 (yes footer widgets).
    Just tested them all again, more carefully: in themes b, the number-of-posts-per-page option will show up after you disable the IS option in Settings > Reading.
    So your post stands as it is – sorry!

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  32. Hi TT,
    Unfortunately you need to update or revise the post: when infinite scrolling is added to a theme, the option “Blog pages show at most” disappears. In their infinite wisdom, they apply this ‘improvement’ even if the theme supports footer widgets.

    • SIGH … okay so if you’re right then the ability to control the number of posts on the Reading page as before, even if one has a theme with footer widgets, disappears on themes that have been rendered capable of resembling toilet-paper rolls. (rye humor)

      But I’m not clear on this because I am using Twenty Eleven and it does have footer widgets. This is what I have on my Reading page:
      Blog pages show at most __ posts
      Syndication feeds show the most recent items
      For each article in a feed, show
      Full text
      To infinity and beyond __Scroll Infinitely
      I just changed the number of posts displayed Blog pages show at most __ posts from 4 to 5 and it worked.

      So I am confused by the information that others have found that “Blog pages show at most __ pages” has disappeared for others from their Reading page as it’s still there on mine. Maybe this is only true of some themes with infinite scroll. Have you tested them all?

  33. Thanks so much for this info, TimeThief! I recently learned of the infinite scrolling on my twenty-ten blog when a friend’s teenager was checking out my site & asked, “Why do you have this set to show every post on your home page?” I was stunned.

    I went to my Reading Settings today & found an “To Infinity & Beyond” box I could simply uncheck. Simple. No need even for your simple workaround.

    I’m curious: How would infinite scrolling impact my site stats? If a reader can see my entire blog from the landing page, then I have no sense of which posts they actually read, right?

    Thanks again for sharing. So helpful!

  34. I wondered about that! I have a twenty ten theme and recently noticed the infinite scroll…I like it, but then never considered the loading time, etc. But I guess I wouldn’t be able to disable it anyway because I’m having widget issues! Very informative post…thanks for all the useful info.

  35. I use Coraline. But the Settings > Reading . “Blog pages show at most ____ posts” has disappeared! I know it used to be there — I set it at 10. Has anyone at Caroline noticed this too? Thus the workaround suggested (so well by Timethief) does not work.

      • Yikes! So is there any way to get the WordPress powers-that-be to reconsider this decision? And is there any insight into the thinking behind the decision? Seems very atypical of the way WordPress usually operates.

  36. Amazing, first I’ve heard. Really sorry for the hassle you and others have experienced. These unannounced “innovations” are more evidence that WordPress.com is a kind of benevolent dictatorship.

    I’ve missed out on infinite scrolling, probably because my Vigilance theme is one of the older ones. This post will be invaluable if IS makes an unwelcome appearance. Hats off yet again for your amazing detective work and persistence, TT, and for keeping us all informed.

    • Hi Mark,
      There wasn’t much detective work to be done by me at all as others were hot on the trail for an opt out and looking for workarounds right off the mark. Vigilance is number 17 when it comes to themes popularity so infinite scroll will be coming soon to your blog.

    • Hello there,
      Please see 3. (a) in the post above for possible choices if you switch to a theme with footer widgets. See 3.(b) for a workaround if you do stay with the same theme.

      • I would have replied on your reply, but there was no link. I just wanted say that I changed layouts from MistyLook on this name and experimented with others. Then I went back to MistyLook, and when I did, all of a sudden it was like the old way with only 10 posts on the page and the ‘Older entries’ link on the bottom. o_O

        • If you switch from any theme that does not have footer widgets to one that does and install a single empty text widget and then switch back to MistyLook or any theme that does not have footer widgets – you will gain control over your Reading page settings again. :)

  37. This sounds like a really boneheaded move. It might be a nice option, but not something the administrator can’t control. I have more than 1,400 posts on my blog. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to scroll through even a fraction of that. And of course page loading time is a factor; who didn’t think it was? I check my front page on pingdom.com all the time, and 4 secs is the max I allow. Crazy idea. Developers are not necessarily designers, and the designer in me doesn’t want an infinitely long front page.

    • There are bloggers who do and who will welcome infinite scroll . If I had a rehash the news or sports site or another type of site that publishes short posts frequently and if the blog was in the WordAds program I would welcome infinite scroll, as it would naturally increase page view stats, increase the number of potential ad clickers, and increase potential income from ad-clickers. But, that’s not the kind of blog I have and it’s not the kind of blog I even read. In fact I have an Ads-Off upgrade for this blog.

  38. Thank you Timethief for this insight. You have always been helpful to me i the forums Keep up the great work.
    I read some of those discussions and I have to say that it i feel it was rather rude of the staff to make a change so profound that affected probably thousands of bloggers and gave them no notification that it was about to happen.
    I would bet there are maybe hundreds who still are not aware they they have been affected by this. I personally don’t like to read anyone’s blog who has the infinity scrolling turned on because it seems like i am never gong to reach the end of a page.
    It is quite like driving down a mountain road, You can only see just a little bit around the curve but you have no idea when the road may finally straighten out so you can see more than 30 feet ahead of you.
    This action that the staff has made and some of their responses ( when they DID respond) were quite like the rhetoric that people get from eBay Management when they make some of their anti seller changes.
    I got the impression from the few “The Staff” responses that they were saying:
    ” Hi. I cant really hear you because it seems you don’t like what we did, and we don’t want to hear it. But you complainers are only a small number of people and we are going to do this anyway because we can and so get used to it.”


    If “THE STAFF” continues to take this kind of ‘We know better then you’ belief in themselves, they could be on their way to making WordPress the NEXT digital wasteland like “My Space” in a few short years.
    That is just my 11+3-7-9+12-8= worth. ;-)

    Again Thank YOU Timethief for all of your great work.

    • I have the very same impression of the Staff response that you summed up so well above:

      ” Hi. I can’t really hear you because it seems you don’t like what we did, and we don’t want to hear it. But you complainers are only a small number of people and we are going to do this anyway because we can and so get used to it.”

      The you complainers are a small number gambit is a cop-out and that’s obvious.

      • I hope that was just a “temporary situation.. Overall I think WordPress is wonderful. The community her is so great and the software options are excellent as well. And Beside, This has been a fun experience for me so far, and Super Helpful people as yourself are just the icing on the cake.

    • Hey there,
      I’m not into fighting any fights but I do know what you mean to convey and appreciate your comment. I get peeved and then I look for an out or a workaround. When they can’t be found I cope with what is.

  39. I really don’t understand why WordPress would initiate a change like this without informing people about it…. unless they don’t really care about what we want. Sort of like their response to complaints about reblogging.

    • No warning and no response to user feeback is an odd way to do things. The platform is on early release and that means continuous roll-out of upgrades and new features without prior warning. Unexpected changes are always hard to deal with and when one doesn’t like them it affects how one views remaining here. Feeling like a guinea pig is an uncomfortable feeling but it’s the price we pay for the free hosting ride. And this blog’s content is primarily focused on WordPress.com blogging so moving it to another web host is not my inclination.

      • Not quite a free ride because I pay $30 a year for the privilege of personalizing with CSS! Still pretty cheap price for the service.
        At some point in the evolution of a product like WordPress or Facebook, I think it gets so large that it doesn’t need to cater to it’s clients anymore.

      • Thank you very much for all your information and hints. I have already made a comment at the forums about this. The username I am in now doesn’t reflect the serious blog I have, which has around 30,000 posts. It’s like, NO WAY do I want anyone to have to infinitely scroll through almost ten years’ worth of posts. I can’t do it and don’t WANT to do it, and I don’t expect anyone else to have to put up with that even if they have a powerful computer and connection.

        That is just arrogant and counter-productive to accessibility and reader comfort. I had heard that it was very possible unfavourable changes were coming to WordPress. I see now it is true. Well, I’ve moved before. I can move again. I will try your layout suggestions and work with that until something else goes awry. Then I am gone. Thank you for everything. Best of luck to you. :)

        • Thanks for your comment here. I’m hoping the workarounds provided will be applicable to the themes you are using and you won’t have to move your site. Best wishes whatever you decide to do.

  40. Do you happen to know if they will be implementing infinite scrolling on the Nuntius theme, because that is the one that I am using now, and if they are, I would like to know a way to work around it because I do not want infinite scroll on my blog and the Nuntius theme does not have an option to put in any footer widgets at all.

    • Hi there,
      We don’t have any themes specific information. This is a site wide change to all themes that are suitabie for the infinite scroll feature. It was mentioned that some like Depo Masthead aren’t suitable. I updated the post above today with an additional workaround Panos suggests for themes without footer widgets that do get infinite scroll. See 3. (b) above.

  41. Hasn’t touched Duster theme yet.
    I really have no time to switch to another blog theme at this time. Especially not for my personal blog. Honest I do think it’s very important for technical development folks at wp.com and everywhere else to remember this:
    Not everyone can afford to upgrade their computers. There are many people who simply can’t afford it or don’t know how (and don’t feel like paying for the expertise). The world most definitely does not revolve around the narrow confines of techno-geeks in North America who have access to fast Internet and equipment. Very arrogant. (Meanwhile it’s probably the same folks who fly over to ie. Thailand or Papa New Guineau to have temporary roughness backpacking in the rainforest jungle. That’s how stupid North American mentality or developed world mentality can be.)

    • Hi Jean,
      Duster is an expired theme, only accessible to those who used it prior to Twenty Eleven replacing it and doesn’t have as many users as many other themes do. I think themes selected for addition of infinite scroll maybe selected in accord with popularity as well as with suitability of the structure of the theme (some like Depo Masthead aren’t going to get it). Panos has lists here > WordPress.com themes – from most to least popular (January 2012) > http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/wordpress-com-themes-most-to-least-popular-jan-2012/

      I hear what you say about not everyone being able to upgrade their computers. Quite aside from that many people are still on dial-up service. However, I believe that WordPress.com is more future focused than you and I are. Mobile use is exploding and making the blogs compatible for both mouse use and touchscreen use is a HUGE undertaking.

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