Why About Pages are Essential

outstretchehand Static pages are not a requirement for blogs I do recommend having an About page.  I always amazed when I visit a blog and don’t find one because it’s natural for visitors to  want to know a bit about who you are and why you are blogging.

Creating an About page is a way to introduce yourself and let visitors know what kind of content to expect to read in your blog.   A concise  blog description on your About page will inform visitors what they can expect to find in the content and when it will be published.

An About page exists:

  • to provide visitors with essential facts need to interact with you (and/or your company),
  • to give visitors context for the information found elsewhere on the site,
  • to differentiate your blog (and/or your company)  from others like it, and
  • to give visitors a reason (several reasons, ideally) for doing whatever it is you want them to do
  • to provide contact information.

Who are you and what’s the blog about?

Your About page could be as simple as a brief description of who you are and what your purpose for the blog is.  It’s up to you to decide  how much personal information you want to share, and whether or not to post a photo of yourself, but don’t forget to let your personality shine through the text on your About page.  It’s the blogger’s ability to promote their content that creates traffic flow, and it’s their community building ability that determines the blog’s success. Write in an engaging style so visitors know you want

  • to be heard;
  • to connect;
  • to receive comments;
  • to enter into discussion;
  • to form relationships;
  • to build a blog centered community.

Optimize About Page Content

Now let’s consider building and promoting your online presence. Does your blog promotion strategy include a strong web presence? It should. Google is known to make up to 400 algorithm changes annually so having some basic knowledge of the major changes will inform a discussion about a site’s presence and ranking on the web.

You can expect to be ‘googled’. When your name (brand, key words and phrases) are is googled, you want links to your blog to that the reader sees in the SERPS (search engine page results). What will searching reveal? Or not reveal?

When creating a blog description and expressing what the purpose for the blog optimize your About page text to include  relevant keywords and phrases that you want search engines like Google to index.  Consider  other details you may want to include that will target long-tail keyword phrases on About page. For example, you may want to include geographic and demographic information  on your About page aimed at having it appear in local search results.


I believe the time you spend and the care you take when creating your About page and keeping it updated is a good investment.  Do you agree?

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82 thoughts on “Why About Pages are Essential

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  4. Hello timethief,

    Another super-helpful post, thank you!

    Coupled with your “Widgets: Less is More” post, I think my next blog task will be transferring some of my “About Me/About My Hats” info from my sidebar widgets and putting them onto my About page.

    You’ve written so much helpful stuff here, you’re a real treasure.

    Thank you!

  5. What was the question… ? Have to check the top of this very long page again.. wait…
    Yes, I agree :-) Im new to blogging, so there is a lot to learn. I believe your advices very good, but I will have to try them before I know. Please please fell free to visit my blog and comment it; structure, about me, blog content and so on.
    Thanks for some great advice!


    • Hello there,
      Learning to blog does involve a learning curve. For some the curve is more steep than for others. However, one thing that’s true of readers is they want to know a little about who the blogger is and what their purpose for the blog is.

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  7. I’m new at this and still learning, really appreciate your site and all the info you have here for us. The about page is the one aspect, i have been agonizing over a lot, and tinkering with quite a bit. Do i add a picture or not? use an avatar? what of the content? I know this is an older post, but would really appreciate it if you could take a peek at my site let me know what you think. Thanks Jane

    • Hello again,
      I’m sorry but I have provided these guidelines and do not wish to create a flow of bloggers asking me to visit their about pages and provide sprcific advice. It’s my opinion that including a photiograph is more personal and it does tend to be well received. Best wishes with your blog.

  8. Thank you for this TT. I followed your link from a previous comment you kindly left and now I know I have to go to work on my About page.

    When I began to blog, after so many half-hearted attempts here, there and everywhere, I thought it was a simple matter of sitting down to say what was on my mind. But, like having a video-camera pointed at me, I froze (you know how some people are so comfortable in front of a camera etc etc – I am not), not sure how to say what I wanted to say, nor how much of “me” I wanted to put out there. Let alone optimising it for Search Engine Results.

    You are so right about it being a good investment, it does takes time and care to put your best foot forward. Which I hope to get around to soon!

  9. Hey there TT
    Thank you so much for great information all throughout this blog. The About Page thing, I’m of two minds about mine, and I was considering updating it, because the blog took a direction I didn’t expect at the beginning… And its a direction I’m glad it took.
    After seeing this, especially the comments, I’m glad the conflict came to mind and now I can respond.
    Thanks for taking time to give us all the information you’ve amassed… You’re a great asset to us all..!!
    Been blogging since Feb.. and I’m still figuring out the finer details of all this..

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  11. Every wordpress user has a gravatar public profile. I confuse that which one, wordpress about page or gravatar public profile, should i direct my visitor to.

    About page link
    Gravatar profile page link

    Which one would you give to visitor/friend?

    • I do not choose to provide the profile on the gravatar site. I choose to give the link to my About page becaue I think that’s more likely to result in a visitor clicking into other pages on my blog.

  12. Another interesting post, tt and something that I really need to think about. Using Blogger, I have the ‘About me’ widget on my blog page but that really doesn’t say a whole lot about me. When I started my blog, I was looking for something really simple to set up and maintain. The template that I choose was part of that effort. I have been somewhat reluctant to fiddle with my template as I felt that the content (my photos and poetry) was the main focus. However, reading your entry – and others that you have posted – makes me realize that if I want my readership to grow, there is a necessary aspect of ‘maintenance’ that needs to be done. I will need to explore some of the other templates, and the ability for Blogger to have pages. I understand that this is a feature that has been added to Blogger. I should probably consider what other pages I might want to include if I am going to make changes.

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  14. Heya Timethief,

    You are a wealth of information -I have just stumbled across on the blogging scene so all of this is still relatively new to me. Your website has a wealth of information which is totally useful; so thank you.

    I also agree with what the majority above has said and also on your piece on the About Pages; they are indeed essential -it gives an idea of what to expect and where the author of the blog is coming from -it’s always one of the first places I read; it’ll either make it or break my decision to continue with the site. I also believe it is a master to achieve so I give credit to all who have done an incredible job; you being one of them.

    Thank you.

    • @Ozlem,
      I’m pleased to meet you and pleased you found value in both my article and in the comments as well. Another blogger said this:

      Most spam blogs do not have about pages.

      That’s also my experience. Scraper blogs full of stolen content ie. splogs lack any personal information and contact information as well.

      Please note that I do not claim to be an expert. I claim only to be experienced and I’m open to hearing what other bloggers have to say on anything I have published. The blog content here reflects what I learn from other bloggers as well as my own experience.

      Thank you for the kind words. Happy blogging. :)

      • You are welcome timethief -I only compliment where credit is due.. :) & I’m please to meet you too -you were helpful with my forum query a while back -about aksimet. :)

        I appreciate your honesty; and I have taken heed and know that whatever I read; whichever blog/website it may be; they mostly are sourced elsewhere and collated there etc. Saying that expertise will come with experience -but that will take time.

        It is interesting to note that there is spam blogs; that I was not aware of… It is a fascinating world out there; you never know what to expect. I made the mistake of keeping my blog open instead of private when I was/am still putting it together; I hope it does not come across as a spam blog!!! Though I have an about page so maybe that will save me!!! :)

        Anyway before I ramble on let me go… I’ve subscribed so no doubt you will hear from me agai at one point or two.. :)

  15. Long time no speak, although I visit your website frequently. As always your advice is great. I had set the About page on our blog with the navigation text ‘Contributors’. After reading your article I have changed it to ‘About’. It sounds so simple but it is easy to forget that it is the details that matter. Thank you as always.

  16. Thanks Titi, I think your About Page is smartly written and stays true to your blogging style.. As always great tips.. !
    BTW, are you playing around with your blog layout.. Whatever layout you choose, it is always extremely organized and easy to read.. So, per me, you dont need to change a thing.. But of course, it is spring.. So change might be on your mind.. :)

    • I just switched the sidebar from the right hand side to the left. I also changed the header to freshen up as it’s spring and I do that quite often. Thanks for the compliment on organization. I hope my blog is attractive and easy for others to use. :)

  17. After reading this I took a look at your About page. The next thing I did was to look at the About pages on my sites and see how much work there was to be done.

    I think this is a great article and once again tells me why I follow your blog (so no pressure, eh?) :-)

  18. Do you believe that contact information should really always be on About page? I have my contact info (email) on its own Contact page, and I think that this is a pretty common practice.

    However, I agree that About page is a must for every blog.

  19. Like I said on BC, I am conflicted on the About page. I know some people really like it. Also TT, I think you have a great site here, if I haven’t already said that.

    • @Meredith,
      I visited your blog and I cannot locate an About page. I believe I clicked every page tab but I couldn’t locate it. However, I enjoyed the post I read and left you a comment. :)

  20. Honestly, TT, I don’t know if I have an About Page or not. I’m pretty oblivious to all the fine points of blogging, and am not even sure what an About Page is. Is it where I say “I’m a poet at heart”, etc? If so, I like what I’ve written there, because of its simplicity and brevity. I think it accurately reflects my blog and who I am.

    • Dear Marty,
      You and your blog are unique and not to worry about your lack of an About page. If you ever decide to have one let me know. ;)

  21. Can I add something to your excellent post, TT? And that is – unless the blog is about something very disconnected with its readers (and I suppose there might be a few like that) write your about page in first person, not second. In other words, use ‘I’ and not ‘he/she’. It helps people to connect more easily.

    • @Val
      Trust you to come up with such excellent and practical information that I completely overlooked. Writing in first person singular is definietly the way to go as it’s personal.
      Love it! Thank you. :)

  22. Thanks for this post! It reminded me that my ‘About Me’ page was still under construction. And now, I’ve finally posted it, even though it still feels slightly unfinished. I agree that it is a good investment. It can seem a bit cold to just give people content, and an about page definitely helps to add a personal touch and warmth.

    • @flameheart
      I just visited your About page. It’s informative and personal too. Well done! :)
      P.S. Your blog theme is very attractive and has a clean appearance that I also appreciate. I like your content so I subscribed. :)

  23. Absolutely agree! I’ve said something about it at BC. Meanwhile, thanks for making this important point and for all the suggestions that go with it.

    • Hi TBT
      I see you have two About widgets and you put effort into creating the text for both. Has that information in the widgets been indexed and does it appear in the SERPS (search engine page results) for the key words and key words phrases that are relevant to your content? If it doesn’t appear in the SERPs then you are missing opportunities to attract those who use search engines to locate specific subject matter from locating your blog. So if the information isn’t being indexed then I would suggest that you create an About page.

  24. I agree that learning a little about who’s writing the stuff can put it in context, especially for opinion writers, whose words can be interpreted myriad ways. It’s also a good way to kind of introduce yourself to your readers, who naturally will want to know a bit about you after a while. Overall, it’s a good idea.

  25. You’re absolutely right. About pages are important, particularly if you blog for business or for a purpose. In my case I used my About page to develop a mission statement for my blog, which in turn helped to structure my blog better. I also us it as an entrance page for more About details, such as copyright policy, comments policy, website stats, personal bio and whatever else a professional website should have. In fact, it is a page that is visited quite often on my blog: Over the last 30 days I had 157 visits to my About page alone, so yes, it is important to have an About page.

    • Hello Jan,
      My About page does get visits and when I checked and there are even some subscribers to it. @-@ I do acknowledge that there may be some exceptions, but it’s my position that business and professional blogs all need About pages, and that most other blogs do too. Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate it.

  26. Absolutely right on ensuring that the About Page is updated. I discovered a link wasn’t working to another blog where I’m also a blogger. I must have had the dead link there for ..um over a month. I just got busy on other stuff in life.

    Doesn’t look good to be sleeping at the blog wheel.

  27. I’m also in agreement. My ‘About’ page doubles as a ‘Home’ page, giving readers a flavor for who I am and what my site is about. It’s nice to put a face to a name, even if that face is just a doll with curlers!

    • Hi Janene,
      I laughed when I read your doll in curlers remark. Whether or not we use a photo or an avatar an About page is a great place to introduce yourself and the focus of the content. Your are a skilled writer and humorist who has done a great job of that on your About page.

  28. TimeThief, I am glad I found your blog! I have asked a question on another post, and I’m going to ask one here, too. My “About” page seems a little, well, boring, and I am wondering if you have thoughts about making an “About” page on a business/professional blog more interesting and humanizing. One thought I’ve had is to begin including photos with posts or perhaps on the static pages, but it seems to me that the chore of finding appropriate art or photos would dig into my limited blogging time too substantially. What do you think?

    • You can add some personality to your About page by sharing some of your hobbies and interest with visitors. You can add more by posting a photograph and don’t forget to optimize your images. There’s recognition value if you use the same photo on your profile pages on social working sites as you do on your About page. http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2008/03/17/improving-your-google-page-rank/ If your text is optimized and consistent across sites search engines will display it in SERPs (search engine page results).

      Re: images for your posts
      There are many sources of free images for personal use you can use to enhance your posts but so read the terms of service. Some require a link back and others don’t. Some allow modification and some don’t. This is the creative Commons search utility link and there are various data collections you can access and check out the images and the terms of use for them. http://search.creativecommons.org/# I also have 70 sources of free images on this resources page (scroll down to images (free sources) > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/resources/

  29. I totally agree that the About page is important. For starters, if I find somebody who DOESN’T have one (or it’s not particularly illuminating) I’m bound to discount what they have to say. And I’m shocked by how many blogs don’t have them. Who are you and why should I care what you have to say?

    I struggle with what to put in there (doesn’t everybody?) because I want to be honest and funny but I also feel I need to put some credibility in there (why you should listen to me) which is less funny. I find myself diddling with my About page probably more than I should.

    • Hi Alexis,
      We all struggle when it comes to creating words about ourselves. None of us wants to appear to be a bore and it’s natural to wonder who the heck the bloggers is and what they are about when when there is no About page. It doesn’t create credibility and doesn’t encourage connection when the blogger chooses to remain a stranger to their visitors.

      I worked backwards. I first decided what the purpose for the blog was and created a blog description. Then I edited and optimized that text. Next I created a brief bio statement that decribes me and my interests and connected me to the content in the blog. Then I posted it all in revese order on my About page with my About this blogger bio on top. Since then I have tweaked it as the blog developed.

  30. You’re absolutely right, TimeThief! I believe an About Us page is important as well. It’s a great way for people to see the “real you.” In cyberspace, this is really important since people can’t see you face-to-face. Without one, you’ve just created another page (in the ocean of blogs) on the Internet. It makes it much more personal.

    Thanks for another great article that helps us think and make better blogs!

    • Hi Allyson,
      Blogs are focused on interactive communication and how successful we bloggers are at attracting regular readers and subscribers is dependent on relationship building. Visitors require a minimum of personal information that’s directly related to the purpose we have for blogging. A blogger cannot successfully build a blog centered community by remaining distant and impersonal.

  31. Good Morning to you dear Timethief! Thank you once again for all the wonderful resources you give us. I have been studying my very eccentric about pages again today, and I know I should do better, one day I will. Much love, Joanna

    • G’day Joanna,
      I think your About page is a good one. However, you do bring forward a good point about the need for continual updating. What sets blogs apart from websites is that they are designed for interactive communication. Many websites are infrequently updated and some seem to be “frozen in time” displaying outdated information on static posts thereby conveying the impression there is no activity at all on them. Sometimes that impression of inactivity is a true picture and sometimes it isn’t. It’s important that the About pages on blogs are updated as ultimately our branding ought to be evolving through interaction with commenters.

  32. Yes, I do agree. I find that after reading an interesting article, I always like to read about the author – or at least the mission or purpose of the blog. It provides an understanding of the overall perspective and purpose. Additionally, it gives me an idea of what to expect from future postings. Many times, if I don’t see an about page, I don’t become invested enough to subscribe.

    • Hello,
      Thanks for reading my post and weighing in on this topic. I likewise find it difficult to become invested enough in any blog to subscribe when the blogger fails to introduce themself to visitors and tell us what to expect in terms of subject matter found in the content their blog.

  33. I agree. An About page is a must, and like you, I’m surprised of the websites/blogs that have no none (or a hard-to-find one). Do you have any advice regarding my About page?

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