Blogroll or Links Page?

blogrollA Blogroll of  links to the sites you read is a way of acknowledging those sites you value and also recommending relevant content to your readers. The rule of  thumb is: link to the most authoritative related references in your posts, and to the most authoritative sites in your niche in your Blogroll.

For reasons revealed below many bloggers are no longer choosing to have blogrolls loading in their sidebars on every page of their blog.  But first let’s be clear about what we are discussing.

How to create a blogroll in WordPress

In WordPress blogs you can import or create a set of external links, also known as your blogroll. The Links Menu is where area you enter all links and assign each link to one or more Categories.  All blogs have only one Blogroll which may appear to be multiple Blogrolls as it will be divided into sections in accord with the Categories assigned to the links. Understanding the relationship between blogrolls, links widgets and categories widgets is a must for mastering wordpress blogging. The links you enter into your Blogroll are displayed only after the Links widget is placed in your sidebar. Also note that there must be at least one link assigned to a Category before it will appear in your sidebar.

Link Exchanges

Reciprocal links are based on an agreement by two webmasters to link to each others’ sites  and  small sites enter these arrangements  to increase traffic and link popularity.  So if you plan to enter link exchanges  it’s important to understand the implications and the realities.

“The blogroll can be set up based on each blogger’s personal preferences, and it can be updated at any time. … There are many reasons why you may decide not to reciprocate a blogroll link, but it’s good blogging etiquette to at least review each blog that links to you through its blogroll to determine if you’d like to add that blog to your own blogroll or not.” – Susan Gunelius in What is a Blogroll?

“Anybody who knows me also knows I am the enemy of reciprocal link building, this is due to many reasons, firstly because of the lack of link juice they pass, secondly they leak PageRank unnecessarily and thirdly because many reciprocal links look like spam. …  A blogroll or site wide exchange is designed to pass traffic as well as authority, if you show a link on every page of your site you’re willing to lose PageRank from every page of your site. Would you do this for a worthless link?” –Tim Grice in Is Reciprocal Link Building Worthwhile?

Blogroll  or Links Page?

There are two approaches for displaying a list of sites your regularly visit and wish to recommend to your readers. The most common way is to create a Blogroll and display it in the sidebar of your blog. The  second approach is to display such a list on a Links page.

“I don’t like Blogrolls. While they do serve a fine purpose, allowing visitors to see other blogs they might like, and sharing the link-love is always good, I don’t do them. … If you like a blog, link to their posts when they write something interesting. “ — Chris Garret in Another Good Reason to NOT Have a Blogroll

How to create a Links Page in WordPress

If you happen to choose a theme that provides a Links Template for static pages then when you create a static page, give it a title, click Links template in the right hand side module and click “publish”. The result will be that all the Links you entered into the Links Menu module will be automatically displayed on your new Links page. A full list of themes that do have Links templates can be found at this link. Aside from the themes that do have Links page templates there is no automatic way to transfer the content your entered into the Links Menu to a static page. So if you do not have a theme with the Links template then you create a static page and enter all data manually.

I eliminated my Blogroll about a year ago.  In Share Your Blogroll Linking Strategy I was considering removing the Links (Blogroll) page but decided to keep it and I’ve just updated it.

Updated October 6, 2013.


What is your linking strategy?

Do you have a Blogroll or a Links page?

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  2. I just like the helpful information you provide for your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at once more right here frequently. I’m rather sure I will be told many new stuff right right here! Good luck for the next!

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  5. After reading this eye-opening post, I removed about half of the links in my blog roll, did away with the blog roll altogether, and moved the links that survived the purge to a static link page. Also, following your advice, I bought my domain about two months ago. Thanks for all the great info, tt. If I ever do attain any kind of decent page rank, it will be in large part due to you.


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  7. Hi TT, just to let you know I have made a links page and paid for the upgrade thingy for a domain. Looks much tidier now. Thanks for all the calm advice and I’m adding you to my links, I think a few people I know would benefit from visiting you too ;)

    • @Joanna,
      Congrats! on getting the domain. You won’t regret it. I visited and your Links page looks great. I love the way you have provided summaries for the blogs you link to. And thanks so much for adding to your Links page. I appreciate it. :)

  8. Hi Joanna,

    It can be a confusing subject, let me try and break it down, just read over anything you already know.

    Link juice is passed through all links on the web, juice is just slang for Googles PageRank, so every page gains PageRank through other pages linking to it and passes a portion of that PageRank on through links on the page, whether internal or external.

    What is important to remember is that a page cannot ‘lose’ PageRank by linking out, lets say you have a PR4 homepage, no matter how much you link on that page it will always be a PR4.

    So the leak situation does not come about by simply linking to others, leaking relates to the structure of your website. When this link juice hits a page it is shared out between all the links on that page, if these are internal links it is passing that link juice around your pages, if they are external links it is funnelling some of that juice away from the rest of your website.

    If you have a site wide blogroll with 25 links in it, that means there are at least 25 links on each page taking a portion of the link juice that page has to pass. The ideal structure is to have a links page so the link juice output is only effected on 1 page, leaving the rest of your pages to flow more link juice around your site.

    If you need more info on link juice and how it is passed check out this article;

    It is about the no follow issue but explains the flow of PR well.

    I am more than happy to receive emails through my site if you have any further issues.



    • I think I’m getting it, thanks Tim and Timethief for all your trouble. I started to work on a links page or two today, they don’t look very pretty though. I might have to change my wordpress theme. I guess it all boils down to how serious am I about blogging. On one level I want to do it right, and I prefer it when blogs are neat, clear, easy to use and so on, but I do get in a muddle and then blink and find my life is passing by while I sit here copying and pasting. The curse of the enthusiastic amateur :) I’m always surprised that I appear on google at all. Unique content seems to be one of the reasons (occasionally) and writing up baking work based on some of the masters in the field is another but I am aware my blog is too cluttered and need to do something about it. One reason why I read your posts here, to try and kick my brain into gear. So thanks, always grateful for any help!

  9. Hello again, I know I commented earlier, and I have been carefully reading through the comments and your answers, unfortunately I am still a bit baffled by the concepts of ‘juice’ and ‘leaking’. I was wondering if there was a way of showing an example of a ‘bad’ setup, or what you consider a less than good setup of a page, or if you could point me to a tutorial somewhere where someone has done this.

    If you have a blog at wordpress, do you have a domain? I thought that was something you had to buy/invest in separately. Sorry to be so thick TT, and I appreciate any advice you can share always!

  10. Hi TT,

    Hope your well, thought I’d drop a comment and explain the above quote so there is no confusion.

    There is a very common fallacy that every external link on your site is a potential hole to leak juice, this is not how it works at least not on a page basis, however if you think about it on a domain basis you can easily see how it effects the juice in a domain.

    So…. Your homepage has 10 links, 5 internal and 5 external – these links leak 0 value from the homepage, a page does not lose page rank by linking. However the PageRank of your homepage is split equally between those 10 links, so your 5 internal links pass less juice the more external links you have on the same page as them.

    So a huge blogroll with a link on every page is taking away juice your internal links can be passing around your domain.

    So a page does not leak PageRank – it only effects how much Pagerank the other links on the page pass.

    Sorry if that doesn’t make sense, happy to answer any questions on it :)

  11. i use the blogroll. as i’m pretty new, i just have a couple on there that i think are a lot like mine, and that i really enjoy reading. it’s my way of showing the love i have for their writing. i also link to them in articles whenever possible. they are not the authority in my genre, but i don’t even know what is the authority.

  12. Interesting question I have never had a blogroll, for the exact same reasons that you cite in your post. I don’t even have a links page.

    What I do have however, are posts with reviews of the blogs I visit/read most frequently and that I have found very inspiring, listed in a category I call “blogs”. I find that a much better way of promoting other blogs than simply adding a link to them, and I am very selective as to which blogs I include in my reviews, only “authoritative sites in my niche”.

    I also have a widget that displays the most recent post of 5 randomly selected other blogs, but I don’t think that qualifies as a “blogroll” as such, or maybe it does?

    My sidebar banner ads promoting other blogs/sites (which are authoritative sites in my blogs category) would probably qualify as a blogroll, too.

    So, although I do not mention a blogroll explicitly, I do have one, but it’s a very subtle one.

  13. An issue that I have yet to make up my mind about. I used to have a small blogroll (widget), which I recently removed to make room for my own content. I try to keep my pages as clean as possible, with the least amount of unnecessary content. Not easy. At the moment I guess I am going commando, but a links page sounds like an attractive option. But is it really of value to visitors? I can’t remember visiting the links page of the websites I read… so I’m wondering whether this new tab would just add clutter or really be of interest to my visitors.

    • Hi Jerome,
      Your photos are well framed in the iNove theme and your blog is very clean in its presentation. If you belong to forums for photographers those links may be of use to your readers. If you visit and comment on similar photo blogs to your own then links to those sites would also be an appropriate choice. If there are specific photographic resources you recommend links to those sites may also be of help to your readers. In the final analysis Whether or not you wish to have a Links page is your call.

      Best wishes with your blog and thanks for commenting.

      • Thank you for your reply timethief. I do belong to forums, do visit and comment on similar photo blogs and could certainly recommend specific photographic resources… I thought comments counted as backlinks so I was sharing the love with my commentators that way. I sometimes link to websites that are relevant to the post I’m writing about, too. I like husdal approach very much, might go that route.

      • I really love iNove theme too and used it for my blog. But the main problem for me was that iNove theme initially has a much wider sidebar than I need. I’ve reduced the width of sidebar and described it in my article –

        • Your version of the iNove theme is coded to run on software. Therefore your post applies to those who self hosting a install. It does not apply to those who are blogging on the platform as they have a different version of the same theme.

  14. Great post thanks for all the information. My strategy is to comment and leave links on other blogs that I like. Bloggers tend to like my style of writing and will leave my link on their blog for me aswell. Plus I join all the usually sites to network and leave my link.

  15. TT- I wish I understood a word of this, as it would probably increase my traffic tenfold. I have this obsession with keeping my blog as pure and uncluttered as possible. Just my aphorisms and the comments of lovely friends like yourself. Just want to pitch in and say how much I admire your blogging expertise and all the valuable advice you freely hand out to dozens of bloggers every day. You are a unique and extraordinary individual.

    • Hi Marty,
      Thanks for your comment and for the compliment too. If you don’t comprehend and/or don’t want to bother about link leakage, PageRank leakage, and linking to bad neighborhood sites then choosing not to have a Blogroll is a sensible choice to make.

      Best wishes with your blogging.

  16. Timethief – This is a difficult concept to absorb. I resisted removing Blogroll links for some time. Since I use the Misty Theme, I can create a links page. Your excellent explanation has convinced me. Now, I must create the page. Wish me luck.

    P.S. I had contacted you on Twitter. I had wanted to email you directly. Besides this lovely and informative blog, do you offer blog consultation?

    • Hello Laurel Ann,
      I’m so glad you benefited from what you read in my article. I’m sorry but I don’t do blog consultation. I simply don’t have the time to.

  17. I have a tab on my blog where I recommend a small handful of my favorite blogs and why I love them. I offer a brief review, rather than just a link.

    If there is a particular post I run across somewhere that I enjoy and want to share, I will generally link it into a post I’m writing.

    • @tersgbango
      Your Links Page is so nicely done. I really like the witty reviews you provided of the blogs you link to. And, you comprehend the value of backlinking to. Thumbs up!

  18. The info in this one post alone makes it well worth my time to follow your blog. Just wanted to say thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge. It’s especially helpful to someone like me that has been blogging for a little over a year, but without a real strategy in place. You have provided a number of excellent starting points for me to start creating and implementing my strategy. Cheers :)

    • Hi there,
      You have a great blog and I would advise that you do develop a linking strategy. If you do choose to have a Blogroll then make it short (less than 6 entries) and link only to high quality related sites. In addition, suggest that linking to a small collection (less than 6 ) of your favorite posts in related blogs and publishing an occasional article (eg. monthly) may be a good link baiting strategy for a blog like yours but that’s leading into another subject. lol :)

  19. I’m a blogger, at blogger to add a blogroll is already available, we just add it to our blog by clicking the add widget.

  20. I have created less than 3-4 URLs in each Blogroll widget for 2 of my blogs. My Blogroll link strategy is: to simply provide a few key resources for readers if they want to go to other quality related sites in same subject area as the blog. Admittedly for my personal blog, I have the odd foodie blog post here and there, with same permanent BlogRoll with links to cycling. But it’s not a bad thing since I do draw the (tenuous) relationship in my posts between cycling and eating. I also would like to psychologically anchor in the reader’s mind, subtly that as a personal blogger I do have knowledge of other, stable and credible sources of info. about cycling. I’m just not a lonely blogger spewing her opinion in all directions with no reference point.

    When I write blog posts I simply link to useful resources within my articles. No different than writing an article and citing a reference source. The author of referenced link, then is the lottery winner!! :)

    I don’t have a Links pages on any of the blogs. However for 4th new blog, I may well include a short list on Links page from drop down menu(s).

    • @Jean
      Hello there. It’s good to hear from you. :) I think your Blogroll linking strategy makes sense. :) And as you point out, blogging and writing an article aren’t any different when it comes to inking to the best resources available.

      When it comes to professional or business blogs with page based structures I believe Links pages are the best choice and dropdowns are tidy.

      Thanks for commenting.

  21. Hello Timethief! Hope all is well. I have been (way too slowly) developing a Links page which I have not yet posted – but rather than use any of the tools to automatically create such a list, I am creating a page which is, in effect, an annotated bibliography of favourite sites and blogs – and exactly why to visit each. So I will have my text describing the site, followed by a hyperlinked paste of the URL (i always like displaying URL text so people can trace if for some reason the hyperlink disconnects).

    So, two questions for you: Will links done in this way do alright in SEO terms, or will they be beneath the radar? and second, I see your comment about the etiquette of reciprocal linking – where I know of people linking to me, I do link to them, but I have a long list of sites and blogs I will offer, and frankly feel shy of contacting many of those folks to say I am doing this. I don’t want them to feel obliged to cross-reference me – it’s not always maybe appropriate (I’m not in their niche necessarily). Would it be deemed rude of me to post my links page with a referral to them, without telling them first? and, btw, whilst we’re discussing this, I will say you and this blog are tops on my link list about how to blog – hope that’s ok with you? Take care.

    • Hello Cynthia,
      It sounds like you are manually creating a static Links page like I did. The links will not be below the radar provided the page is published page and not a private page.

      I don’t enter link exchanges and I don’t notify anyone in advance that I will be linking to their site. I just go about my own business making the best choices I can when it comes to recommending quality sites to my readers by placing them on my Links page. Then I cross my fingers and hope all my regular readers will choose to link to my blog. It’s a bloggingtips blog with quality information of value to readers in all niches and it does have a respectable PageRank. So, I choose to believe the value I offer my readers in my posts and their generosity will move them to link to my blog and some do. :)

      I love hearing my blog is on the top of your links list. [BLUSH] I blog for validation and the fact you choose to read, comment on, and link to my blog provides that validation. Thank you so much. :)

      • Be prepared to blush to the end of your days, dear, and into the next life as well – I don’t think the day passes I don’t silently thank you again! But I will spare you further blushes for now! Thanks for the help re links (oops…). Will hope to publish page in Dec.

  22. If one is not obsessed with page ranks and link juice, having a blog roll is not a bad idea. Offering readers a few more good blogs is certainly not a bad idea. My personal blog has a blog roll. But on professional sites a blogroll doesn’t looks nice. Instead link page is definitely a good idea,

    • Hi Nityin
      I’m so glad you brought up the different choices one can make on a personal blog as opposed to a professional or business blog. Thanks :)

  23. I am not entirely familiar with PageRank etc in terms of SEO, but this sounds scary.. “A blogroll or site wide exchange is designed to pass traffic as well as authority, if you show a link on every page of your site you’re willing to lose PageRank from every page of your site.”

    I have a lot of links, almost 90% of them, I just have them because they are bloggers I like and read regularly.. They are all good bloggers, but if there is no link exchange between us, is that to say, I am losing my page rank.. ?

    Or, was that statement only referring to invalid links or defunct blog links?!

    • @heart
      What you are doing now is what most bloggers do. You have a Blogroll in your sidebar that loads on every page in your blog. That Blogroll contains links to the almost 90% of the sites you regularly read. Every link has link juice and the value of any link is based on the authority of the site linked to. There are many factors the Google algorithm takes into account and relevance is a key factor. Hence the rule of thumb is: link to the most authoritative related references in your posts, and to the most authoritative sites in your niche in your Blogroll.

      Page Rank calculation is Google’s way of deciding relative importance of a webpage. PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be. Also, the importance of the page that is casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. Google calculates a page’s importance from the votes cast for it. How important each vote is is taken into account when a page’s Page Rank is calculated. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page’s ranking in the search results. It isn’t the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one. Source: Google’s Page Rank explained and how to make the most of it

      These are the positive factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration when determining PageRank:
      1. Keyword use in title tag
      2. Global link popularity of the site
      3. Anchor text of incoming links
      4. Link popularity within the site
      5. Age of the site

      These are the negative factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration when determining PageRank:
      1. Server is often inaccessible to Googlebot
      2. Content which is very similar or duplicate to existing content on the web
      3. External links to low quality sites
      4. Participation in link schemes or actively selling links
      5. Duplicate meta tags on more pages

      Tim Grice works in SEO and his words are accurate. He is not referring to invalid or defunct blog links. There is a choice to be made by every blogger. They have three options to choose from. They may choose to have the traditional Blogroll. Or they may choose to have a static page for Links. Or they may choose not to have either one. So I leave that choice to you to make.

      • Titi, Finally, I have a Links/ Blogroll page, thanks to you.. My site looks dedicated to my content now.. Not that it was not that way earlier, but you know what I mean.. Because, I have also removed a lot of distracting link backs to funny and silly sites that I had like emoticons and maps of visitors etc.
        I have given the much needed tribute to the bloggers that I read (including you) in a separate and special page! Thanks for all the advice, it has been a tough decision to make, but one that I wanted to, after reading what your suggestions were.
        Thanks for the insights, I feel great now!
        If you have the inclination and the time now, please visit and let me know what you think of it, your feedback is appreciated!

        • Hello there,
          I visited and your blog looks great. I love what you have done with it. It’s clean. It loads quickly and it’s well organized. I’m so happy you found my advice and Tim Grice’s to be useful and my pages to be worthy of backlinking to. It’s appreciated. Have a fabulous holiday season.

        • Titi!! You have made my day with your feedback!! Thanks for your time and observations, they mean a LOT! Of course, I forgot to mention, Tim Grice’s page rank calculation tops any math skills I have acquired in the past 10 years.. Hyperbole, not!!
          You too, Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year sans computer headaches :D

  24. Hi TimeThief — long time.
    This is a very thorough discussion of linking and blog owner’s options in this area. This will help those who don’t understand or fully use the WP blogroll widget. I was never a big fan of blogrolls, but came around and added a very short one on my blogspot site’s sidebar. It’s very intimate and showcases my early blogging friends whose blogs would fit my reader’s interest.

    On my blog, there is neither a links page nor a blogroll widget. My rationale is it’s better to linkback to a specific article. I need to do more of that though! Many people use weekly or monthly ’roundups’ to highlight posts they’ve found interesting and informative. I admire their commitment and discipline!

    • When I first began to blog I did so by following the leader, so to speak. Other bloggers had Blogrolls so I had one too. As time passed I began to understand link juice and PageRank and I came to the share Tim Grice’s POV . I eliminated my Blogroll widget and established a Links page instead. I also decided that backlinking to specific posts was what I would do. I too admire the commitment and discipline of those bloggers who do weekly or monthly posts. Maybe one day I’ll do the same but at this point I’m gar too busy in my personal life to make that commitment. Thanks for the visit and comment too. :)

  25. I have a mail in blog and the links in our sidebar represent people who have participated. We decided early on that this “toemail coummunity” was one of the most important things on our blog. However, everything I read on SEO seems to imply that this is not a great strategy as our links are usually not relevant beyond the participation factor and they may lead to sites that are not even indexed themselves.

    We don’t want to link to popular sites just because they are popular, nor are we obsessed with traffic numbers beyond steady participation which makes us happy and feeling useful (smile).

    Could you please share some thoughts on this?

    Quillan Smith

    • Hello there,
      I’m sorry but aside from the posts you will find in this blog on linking I have no additional advice I can offer. You don’t need to include links in your sidebar that load every time every page on your blogs use. Instead you can create a static Links page and then the links on it will load only when that page is loaded.

  26. No blog roll and bare minimum external links. Too many third party’s scraping sensitive info and it slows site loads.

  27. Hi Time Thief, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and want to thank you for your common sense and very helpful tips. I did away with a blogroll to outside links in my sidebar, and instead have a links page. I use my sidebar blogroll for links to my own sites, and I’ve also categorized my posts into categories linked in my blogroll, to make it easier for readers to find more information on my site. I like this much better. Now the front page of my blog is all mine. I do link to outside sources in some of my articles, but mostly link within my blog. As my blog grows, I needed some way to organize and validate the information on it.

    • @Kris
      Hello there. It’s great to meet you. I have many subscribers who never comment so it’s always a thrill when one does. :)

      I visited your blog and have seen what you have set up. There’s something I want to share with you. Some search engine spiders stop indexing when they reach 100 – 113 links on any page. You will want to consider that and cut the numbers your are displaying. This is especially important as your sidebar loads on every blog page of your blog.

      Also I didn’t have the time to check this in your blog but are you aware of the value of internal linking AKA deep linking to directly related past posts in the new posts you create? Deep link posts: Bring your readers back again and again >

      Best wishes with your blog and I hope to see you commenting again soon. :)

      • Hi Time Thief, thanks so much for that great tip, about limiting the number of links on any page. I’ve also been deep linking for some time now; each of my more recent articles has links to others on my blog with related content. I’m still going over older posts and improving them, plus adding inner links. It’s a process, and I appreciate the wisdom I’ve gained here at your blog!

        • Hi again Kris,
          You’re welcome re: the limit your links on any page tip. I also have a lot of work to do to improve this blog but unfortunately I don’t have the time to tackle that job right now. :)

  28. My situation is a little different than most and I just have to take the good with the bad on this. I run a collaborative photoblog and I think it’s important to link out to the sites of all our collaborators. Therefore, maybe it’s good and maybe it’s bad in terms of SEO, but it’s something I want to do for our contributors and the readers.

    Nothing really too sophisticated about the link-building strategy. If they participate as a collaborator, we link out to their blog or site. Maybe some would call that undiscerning but it’s kind of the nature of the beast with a blog like this. We’re not really trying to create authority. Photographers are meant to benefit from our authority. I guess time only tells us how it ends up.

  29. Hi TimeThief, I’ve been thinking of having a page for my links on my main blog (to tidy it up a bit, mostly, not for any seo reasons) and using that instead of the links list in the side panel but I’m puzzled… if I do away with the one in the side panel, what happens – does the list ‘magically’ appear on the page instead of the side panel or what? I’d hate to remove the widget and find I’ve lost them all!


    Btw, as I’ve not mentioned it before – I like the new layout.

    • Some themes for example MistyLook and iNove have Links Templates that can be selected when making a static page. If you use one of the themes that do have a Links page template all you do is create a static page enter a title and click the Links template selector then publish. Then the links you entered into the Links Menu will appear on the static page. See the list here Aside from the themes that do have Links page templates there is no automatic way to transfer the content your entered into the Links Menu to a static page. You have to create a static page and manually enter the links of your choice on it. I also chose to include descriptions of the sites I link to on my Links page.

      P.S. Thanks for the theme change compliment.

  30. Hi, I’m struggling to understand this, and I really do want to as I was thinking only the other day about making my sidebar less straggly and how to do away with all those links/and or make them more logical and useful, so your post is very timely for me. Many thanks Joanna

    ‘Currently search engines are not assigning much importance to unrelated (two-way) or reciprocal links, and will assume that unrelated reciprocal.’

    May I politely ask if there a word or phrase missing above?

    • Thanks for much for the heads up on the 3 missing words. I have edited and entered them now. What escapes most bloggers is the fact that if they use a Blogroll widget on a theme where the sidebar loads on every page in their blog every time a page loads they have created a significant amount of link juice and PageRank exchange and/or leakage. Tim Grice who works in SEO has stated his opinion on this which I have quoted above.

      Setting up a Blogroll using the Links menu in your dashboard creates the data a Links widget automatically will display in your sidebar. If you prefer to have a Links page that loads only when the URL for that page is clicked then there is no automatic transfer of data from the Links Menu to the page unless you happen to choose a theme that has a Links Template selection for static pages. See the list here Aside from the themes that do have Links page templates there is no automatic way to transfer the content your entered into the Links Menu to a static page. If you do not have a theme that has the Links template then you create a static page and manually enter the data on it and you manually update it by editing.

      Hope this helps. :)

  31. You helped me a while back, I can’t take off the widgets in Contempt, is it possible or are they fixed, they are not in Appearance – Widgets?

    I am trying to build a site for a poet I know similar to his partners


    Any ideas?
    Ian, Nottingham UK

    • Every WordPress blog has a default sidebar display. The sidebar display is not comprised of actual widgets therefore they do not appear here > Appearance > Widgets. As soon as we move any widget here > Appearnce > Widgets we override and eliminate that default display. All one has to do to replace the default display with widgets of their own choosing is to select and place widgets of their own choice in the sidebar here > Appearance > Widgets. Those choices made will override the default display, it will disappear and be replaced by the blogger’s widget choices.

      See here >

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