Bloggers: Publish your book, ebook, or your blog

ebook stackBloggers are communicators and as the saying goes:  “Everyone has a book in them”.  So it’s not surprising that bloggers may want to publish their blogs,  an ebook, or even a book. For those bloggers who are exploring free and/or low cost methods of printing their blog posts, or creating ebooks, or publishing a book these may be of value:

1.    FastPencil has a free way to import and blogs into a high-quality PDF There are paid options too and there is a free option is for those of who want to publish and share books, but don’t want to sell them through Amazon, Kindle or iPad.

How to Write a Book Using FastPencil

How to Write a Memoir Using FastPencil

2.     printfriendly can be used free of charge to make a version of any webpage (Website, WordPress blogs, Blogger blogs). You can add the print friendly button to your website or blog and your readers can use Get PDF. There’s also a browser app.

Print Friendly

3.    Lulu lets you make, self-publish, print and sell print-on-demand books, e-books, photo books and calendars with free book publishing. Their team  is equipped with an array of first class editors, designers, writers and marketers with experience in the publishing industry.  They offer  a publishing package, marketing package or individual service like cover design.

4.     BlogBooker has better handle on the .xml formatting generated by the wordpress export feature. They also do Blogger and LiveJournal too and they request donations. A high quality PDF is provided without any restriction and thus can be submitted for printing to third-parties.

The quality of the PDF produced by BlogBooker enables you to get a hardcopy of your blog/journal. Most of the time, books can be binded with perfect bound. The front and back of your book have to be designed by you. However most of the services listed provide tools for making them easily.

Here are some general steps for creating your real book with BlogBooker:

  1. Generate a BlogBook with paper size A4 or US Letter (European or American)
  2. Print your PDF Book with a laser/ink printer
  3. Review this draft and correct errors in your journal/blog
  4. Generate another BlogBook with the paper size suitable for your hardcopy
  5. Review it
  6. Submit your BlogBook to one of the listed services

5.    Anthologize is a WordPress plugin that organizes this content and enables users to publish and distribute their work in additional ways – via print or e-readers.  See > Scholars Build Blog-to-eBook Tool in One Week

6.   More resources (not free of charge)

  • CafePress offers to make a book for you and help you to sell it too. You must provide a PDF with the following paper sizes: US Letter or 7.5in x 9.25in.
  • LightningSource is an US & UK based company. It is used by most POD publishers. It is recommended to have everything ready in order to quickly print your book. All required steps are described in the Resource for Book Designer Page. You can get your book in paper-back or e-book and added to many Ingram’s retailers’ catalogs.
  • An incomplete guide to POD Publishers might be useful if you want to start publishing and selling your book on major bookstores. Most of listed publishers will offer you services ranging from reviewing to getting an ISBN and pushing your book in stores. Some may be very expensive.

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