Posted in June 2010

Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog

The blogosphere is full or talented poets and writers in every genera. Never never a day goes by here at or in the blogopshere at large that I don’t discover another 5 star writing or poetry blog. Social media and social networks are radically changing the way we attract readers to our blogs.  In … Continue reading

Custom Menus Arrive at

For those of you that are too busy blogging (or too busy with life) to be bothered with WordPress announcements, sit up and pay attention: The Custom Menu feature has arrived at This has been something I have wanted for a very long time, and all that waiting has finally paid off. I’ve been … Continue reading

Facebook Connections and Reputation Management

These days one can be either hired or fired based on what employers find on our Facebook pages and reputation management has become a focus for bloggers. The reality is that much of the web is designed, not so much to share information, as to sell it. It’s also a reality bloggers today, more than ever before, have many demands on their time and social media networking to create an authentic online presence can be a time drain. Continue reading

Security Threats: Symantec’s Protection Tips

Security Threats: Symantec’s Protection Tips

Yesterday while was experiencing some difficulties I downloaded a file containing all the intrusion attempts made on my computer. I was astonished to see how much work my Norton Internet Security has done to protect my computer from invasion.
Where are these attacks coming from? United States, China, Brazil, Germany, India, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Italy and Spain.

In 2009 a shift in malicious activity to emerging countries was noted and became more pronounced. For example, for the first time since Symantec began examining malicious activity by country in 2006, a country other than the United States, China, or Germany has ranked in the top three, as Brazil ranked third in malicious activity in 2009, behind the United States and China, respectively. Continue reading

WordPress Apps: Blogg1ng 0n th3 g0

Times are dark. Things like “work” and family. Keep us from what is really important in our lives… Our blogs!

Those elongated forms of self expression stretching over time. But the thing is we aren’t ever at our computers anymore. We find it frustrating to have to log in and the go to your site then edit. There has to be a easier quicker way, that is portable and easy to access.

Well there is. I’m going to introduce three examples of WordPress apps. Continue reading

Blogging: Starting Over

Is your blog a failure or a success? This question stopped me dead in my tracks.

When I started blogging, I definitely had a purpose in mind, but it was a limited one with a narrow audience. As time went on, I found myself slipping over the boundaries of my topic. Taking time to roll the above question around in my head made me see how I was driving on a dead end street. I might see a few people on the way, but it would hardly be a major hop around the planet. These insights gave me the impetus to revisit blogging basics and rejig the entire vision of my blog. In my case, starting over was a wise decision. I didn’t lose momentum at all. Continue reading

Thumbs down on WordPress Reblogging

Today Richard (thesacredpath) tried some experimentation with the new wordpress “like” and reblog feature. He reblogged my Basic Netiqueitte for Beginner Bloggers post and then he reblogged his reblog of my post. All links to the original article are gone in the second-generation reblog.The read more and site link at the bottom of the second-generation reblog link back to the second blog, NOT to the original. The possibly related posts links to the reblogged post, NOT to the original. So readers, what’s your opinion of the value of this “like” and reblog feature? Continue reading