Align Images: HTML Tables for WordPress Blogs

sad girlAligning multiple images in a WordPress blog in an attractive and organized manner is frequently problematic, most particularly for new bloggers. They often ask:  Why don’t my images align the way I want them to?

This second HTML table tutorial is aimed  answering that question and providing a solution.  After wrestling with alignment and spacing in the editor, I discovered placing images in HTML tables  in my WordPress blog presented them extremely well and was easy to do, provided your theme does support HTML tables but not all themes do.

Why don’t my images align the way I want them to?

The alignment icons in the WordPress editor are for aligning text; they are not for aligning images. They are used to achieve wrapping text around images on either the right or left hand side, or to display an image that’s centered without text on either side of it.

  • Align-left means position left, with the rest of the content wrapping around the right side of the image.
  • Align-right means position right, with the rest of the content wrapping around the left side of the image.
  • Align-center means position center, with no wrap-around (= the rest of the content below the image).

If the text beside the images does not occupy the same amount of space that the image beside it does then the text wrapping will continue and the images and text that follow will have a staggered appearance.

To prevent the staggered effect what you do is insert the following snippet of code into the Text (HTML) editor after each image/text pair:

<div style="clear:both;"></div>

As clicking text alignment icons in the WordPress Visual editor will not always result in an attractive and organized multiple image display in your WordPress blog, depending on the theme you use ie. whether or not it does support HTML tables, if you want to create a post with multiple images  and control their alignment another  way to do that is to use HTML tables.

HTML Table Structure and Code

HTML tables are constructed of rows and cells. How many rows and how many cells is up to you.

row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 1, cell 3
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3

<td>row 1, cell 1</td>
<td>row 1, cell 2</td>
<td>row 1, cell 3</td>
<td>row 2, cell 1</td>
<td>row 2, cell 2</td>
<td>row 2, cell 3</td>

HTML Tables

  • table means “start” the table.
  • you can adjust numbers in border, cellspacing, and cellpadding; align center, right, or left
  • headings in a table are defined with the <th> tag like this <th>Another Heading</th>
  • body means start entering your contents into the table
  • tr means start a table row
  • td means put data, image or text
  • repeat td as many times as you want cells across your table
  • repeat the table rows (tr) as many times as you want
  • for every < there is a > <something>
  • for every < > start there must be a </> close
  • </table> means close the table

The sample table below is for the display of 4 thumbnail images lined up side by side with captions immediately under the images. If you have uploaded larger images then when readers click the thumbnail images they are taken to a separate page where they can view the associated full size image.

Basic HTML Table – 2 rows, 4 cells


Copy and Paste HTML Table Instructions

1.   If you wish to use the code above to display multiple images in your WordPress blog in an HTML table, copy and paste the code  into the HTML editor in your post or page.

2.    You can either continue to use the HTML editor or you can switch to the Visual editor and upload the individual thumbnail size images into the table cells where it says INSERT_IMAGE(1,2,3,4) _URL_HERE.

3.   Once you have done that you can type captions into the corresponding cells where is says INSERT_IMAGE (1,2,3,4)_CAPTION_HERE. As the captions are text you can use the alignment (left, center, right) icons in the WordPress editor to align the text.

Below is  the finished table with the thumbnail images and captions inserted into it so you can see how it will display like in your WordPress blog post. I chose to make each thumbnail size 100 pixels x 100 pixels (square). I  choose not to have a border around the images but in some themes what’s required is Overriding default table borders.

Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5 – HTML5 only supports the “border” attribute, and its value can be “1″ or “”. More here w3 schools HTML table tag.

the number 5 don't panic button red star icon owl
the number 5 don’t panic button red star owl holding lantern
the number 5 don't panic button red star icon owl
the number 5 don’t panic button red star owl holding lantern

Notes on HTML Tables

1.   Using the HTML table approach for displaying multiple image in WordPress blogs means you will reduce page loading time,  which is a blessing to all those who are on dial-up, mobile, etc.It also allows the reader to choose which images to click and view see at full size.

2.   Prepare the images for your HTML table offline by watermarking, optimizing, pre-sizing and them prior to uploading them. You can use either a free desk top image program or an online image editing program.

3.   If you do not wish to use the thumbnail image size then you will have to determine the maximum displayed image size for your own theme. Then you will have to do the math in advance in order to choose the size that will allow 4 (3, 2, 1) images to display side by side in the the post space of the theme, and/or reduce the number of table cells to 3, 2, 1 as required.

If you wish to create an HTML table and display it in the sidebar as I have done  then you will need to the sidebar width for your own theme. Then you will have to do the math in advance in order to choose the size that will allow 4 (3, 2, 1) images to display side by side in the the post space of the theme, and/or reduce the number of table cells to 3, 2, 1 as required.

Most themes have a specific width limit (measured in pixels) for images inserted in a post or a page. The widths of current themes can be found in: Maximum displayed image width. The width of sidebars for all current wordpress.themes can be found in this post: Sidebar Width.

Other References:
Help With HTML Tables
HTML Tables
HTML Code Tutorial – Tables

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  4. I have a table which I use to align images and text. I update it regularly with additional images which i want to appear in row 1 column 1. Is there a way for everything to move to the next cell across without having to manually cut and paste each image and associated text? Thanks

  5. Very useful guide for starters. By the way, it is possible that my border on the table would be the same as your border you have used above?

    If I put border to 1, it wraps a square box. Unlike in your border that it only put horizontal line both on top and bottom and not in vertical sides.


  6. Can I use these instructions in a text widget on a blog to align facebook, twitter, RSS icons? If so, where do I put in the link to go to those pages?

  7. Hi Timethief,

    I have had troubles with aligning images in the twenty eleven theme for a while. I want one main image aligned left with four images to the right of it, two above and two below. First I used the align feature which did not work. I then floated the images which worked in everything but IE (oh yes IE the developers nightmare!) the client wants it working in IE so I had to scrap that idea. I started using a table method thinking that it should work the same in all browsers, but alas no. For some reason they are either adding space above or below the rows. I have stumbled on this blog and I really hope that you can show me where I am going wrong. Here is the page in question and here is the code I have used:

    I have amended all the relevant css so there shouldn’t be anything being added in there. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

    Please, please, please I am at my wits end!
    Many thanks,

    • and run on different software. Themes that have the same names like Twenty Eleven come in two different versions. I’m familiar only with the version. I can’t help you with this – sorry.

  8. This looks interesting! I haven’t had time to really look into it but I saved it to my favorites. You are indeed the most responsive person I’ve ever encountered in this world of forums, tips and help. Thank you very much! Great site and love your “tag name” — Timethief; so much of this is a time thief!

    • I hope you find a suitable program to do this and Picasa looked like it may do the job of creating a photo collage. I don’t think an HTML table is the best choice for the diversity of image sizes you want to display. Please let me know how you work this out in the end. Time flys when you blog. :)

  9. I wasn’t asking you to do that. There’s obviuosly not an easy answer to this, so I decided to take my 3 photos and make one photo out of it in Photoshop. Thank you again for your prompt reponse.

  10. Thank you for your quick response. However, the only table generators I find are basic 1 row over, 1 column up — can’t find anything for putting 3 together like in this blog: see 2nd set of photos. Just seems like there should be an easier way.

    • Making table means creating a grid of rows and cells and filling them. I provided the basics for you. Now it’s up to you to put them together to create the display you want. I’m sorry but I’m not volunteering to start coding tables for my readers.

  11. Thank you for your table sample. I want to put 3 images together, 1 taller one on the right hand side and the 2 shorter ones on the left hand side. How would I merge the cells to create the space for the taller photo on the right?

  12. Is it possible that a theme is written to not include this function? I’ve been having terrible problems with my theme. Anyway, I input the table html as you have it written and it just continues to show it as code and it shows the link to the image, not the image itself.

    Thank you for this instruction.

  13. I am hoping you might have an idea as to how I can resolve my WP table problem. Running WP 3.2.1 with the 2011 theme. I have been trying for weeks now but cant seem to create a simple table that looks like this:

    But whether I create the table in the editor, Word or Windows Live Writer, the formatting, line spacing and other things get messed up and the text gets push to starting below the image. You can see what I mean here:

    Since I am using a child theme I have been trying various css to remove all table formatting to see if that works, but I am not sure what needs to be in the css to do this. By any chance do you have any ideas as to how I can create a nice tight clean table, with minimal spacing between the text and along next to a small 100×100 image?

    • I can’t help. I switched this blog on the weekend to Twenty Eleven and that tables that work fine in Inuit Types became scrambled. No amount of redoing the corde would produce a table. I gave up and I switched back.

    • If you used something like photoshop and created text over the image and then uploaded it into your blog – yes. If you mean can you use the blog editor to overwrite text onto an image file in your blog – no.

  14. I spent all morning trying to get my stupids pictures to line up properly! Thanks for this post! It was exactly what I needed!

    - Nathe

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  16. Thank you so much!
    This was very useful. I’ve trying make some tables in my blog, and for a test, I made just one cell: the wordpress reconized that as something useless and drop out my code, and placed only the word that i write in the cell on the output.
    I’m looking for a plugin that do something like a mouse-over effect, like a popup. Do you know a good one!?
    Thanks again! Great post!

  17. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for sharing. I think there should be a tool type to embed this code. Perhaps in a future version of WP ?

    • I’m glad you found it. :) I haven’t heard anything about including it in the editor which is TinyMCE from moxiecode. There are table functions available for that editor but they haven’t been installed and made available here.

  18. Hey, Timethief

    You always have great tips to help with designing and maintaining WordPress blogs. That’s a fantastic idea to use tables for times when it’s difficult to align images properly. I recently saw a plugin for image alignment, but can’t recall its name. Didn’t try it out, so I don’t know if it’ll help.

    Anyway, great post!

  19. follow-up to last comment…I should add that in the right column of the table, I am inserting google spreadsheets.

    Thank you much!

  20. Hi timethief.

    I have a bit of a problem. The html tables I am inserting into my static pages are distorting images in chrome and EI. Firefox is fine. Is this a wordpress problem, or do you think it has something to do with Atahualpa theme?

    first go to firefox to see what it should really look like. The images (which I use as links to go to different pages) are normal size.

    The images I used for the buttons in the left column get distorted (smaller) when the window of the IE browser is partially minimized, and in chrome they are also smaller than they should be.

    Are there any tips/tricks or wordpress addons that you are aware of that might eliminiate the problem?

  21. I always had problems with aligning tables…I am now primarily using divs with CSS in all of my sites which makes it easier to control them.

  22. I am having a hard time creating a table in even after reviewing almost the resources above in your example. I have a table with 2 columns. On the left, there is an image, and in the same row to the right, there are text. How do I accomplish that?

    My right column text does not align with the top of my image in each row.
    Please advise.

    Thank you

  23. Hi Timethief,
    I have a table to show off a few pictures on this site:[]
    But I can’t properly align the text to the right of the picture. Do you have any ideas?


  24. THANKS for this how-to! It’s just what I needed for my website. Now people no longer have to scroll half-way to China to see all my images.

    Thanks again!

  25. Hi Timethief,

    This article is fantastic! I am trying to do something similar, except in a vertical line–like an image, then text next to it–and a second row–image, text next to it–and a third row–image, text next to it and so on. I’m working with the code you have and trying to refashion into what I want. If you could give me some tips I would really appreciate it as I am a bit of a novice.

  26. Timethief, please feel free to ignore and delete my previous comment — after more research, I found what I was doing wrong and have fixed the code so that images do show now. :)

    I am presently struggling to control the spacing between my images — they are about 1.5in x 3in, and the table is insisting on placing them about 1.25in apart across the row, which doesn’t look good. I am working on getting them spaced closer together, but not getting very far.
    If that’s something you know the answer to easily, I’d be really grateful for your help. If not, I’m sure I’ll find it eventually through research and experimentation.

    Many thanks regardless. This post has been very helpful!

    • Timethief, thank you for your reply. And please feel free to ignore BOTH my comments, as I have now figured them both out (it takes a while, but I do get there…) ;)

      Regarding my first comment, I was thinking so hard about the HTML code that it *never occurred* to me to go back to the visual window and just insert an image! Sometimes it takes someone stating the obvious for you, doesn’t it? LOL

      Regarding my second comment, the problem was that I’d cut and pasted your code in, and then replaced the first two cells with pictures, but NOT the caption cells beneath them… So the pictures were showing up with a big white space between them, but that was because the table was allowing for the width of the words in the caption cells. Once I replaced the caption-cell words with pictures, suddenly all that extra white space disappeared.

      Thank you again for this blog post, which has put me onto tables and been a big help. And thanks for your reply to my initial question — much appreciated.

      • Dear Strawberry,
        I’m delighted to hear you persevered and worked out how to accomplish what you wanted to do. Best wishes with your blogging and thanks for being a regular reader of my blog. :)

        • Timethief, Sorry you couldn’t see my HTML table — I was actually working on different blog that I’m admin on. If you’d like to see the results of your help and my work, have a look: I’m pretty pleased with it! :D

          There’s just one last thing I’d like to change, if you know how: Do you see the faint grey line around the table? Do you know how to get rid of that? I’ve not specified a border in the HTML, so I wasn’t expecting to get a line around it… Don’t know if it’s possible to remove it (or if I’ll manage to figure it out for myself in a bit) but if you know how to do, I’d really appreciate it.

          Thanks again. This blog post has totally saved the day for me. :)

  27. Hi Timethief,

    Thank you so much for this post — I think it may solve a problem I’ve been having with trying to align images, however there’s one thing I can’t get to work and I’m hoping it’s a dumb mistake and you can quickly set me straight…

    I’ve copied and pasted the table HTML to my site, but when I put what I *think* is the image URLs into the right place on the HTML, the result is a nice table with all the actual URLs displayed (ie, the text of the URLs) where the pictures ought to be. No pictures, just a table with the URLs for the pictures showing instead.

    I’m wondering if I’m misunderstanding what I’m supposed to put in for the URL. So, to experiment, I’ve uploaded the image as a regular image in the same blog post. Then right-clicked on it and chosen “Copy Image Location”, and pasted that into the table HTML. But it’s still not working… I’m still getting a table that displays the URLs instead of the images.

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong…? I’m really hoping it’s something straightforward and dumb. And thank you so much for any help.

  28. hi again, so i’ve been messing with it. still have no idea what i’m doing. if you get a sec will you check out the “table” i made from copy and pasting your code above?, it’s my wordpress site. the table is on the very bottom right corner. messed up.

    [personal question removed by timethief]

    • I am not willing to straighten out the problem on your blog with this table. Everything you need to create an HTML table is found in this post. It’s up to you to comprehend it and I cannot do that for you.

      Another issue:
      You have also inserted and oversized blue colored header image into a post on your front page. The theme you have is not coded to include a custom image header. The image is overflowing the blogging space and protruding into the sidebar because it does not belong in the post. It’s too wide.

      Do as I said in the forum. Edit the post and delete it. If you want to have a header then you must choose another theme that’s coded to allow for a custom header image. Choose a theme that allows for a custom image header from this list. Resize the image to the correct size prior to uploadinging it.
      list >
      uploading instructions >

  29. hi, i appreciate your advice on the forums today, but i know nothing about html, and i am really trying to understand it. i copied and pasted the code above for that table but all that appears on the page is exactly that code.

    also, i would really like to have a table like your “subcribe and follow” box/table. but how?

    thanks, AC

    • Once you comprehend how to create a table and understand basic table structure you simply upload social networking images into the cells and link them to your profile pages on the sites in question.

      row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 1, cell 3
      row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3
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  31. Hi TF,

    Yes I concur on the Word / Garbage front.

    Their comes a point in designing a site with a CMS like WordPress where you, the designer, has to switch from designer to client in your head. Most clients are not tech savvy, most are just exposed to MS Office and expect all other interaction elsewhere to be similar. Their is no patience for anything different, to most its just a job and they are not interested in the first place.

    The sooner the CMS / Web tech community wake up to this unfortunate situation the better – making the input of content via a visual editor as trouble free as possible and utterly no interaction with web code of any sort. Where this falls down currently is in adding rows of pictures, formatting tables, formatting the article and so on. Just try it – add some text paragraphs, now add a table ( via tinymce advanced ), center it, add pictures in the cells, add titles to those pictures under and above. Now look at the result in the visual editor ( which is meant to be WYSIWYG ) and the browser.

    In a nutshell – to properly sort a post or a page in a CMS at the moment you HAVE TO HAVE Html / CSS knowledge of some sort to fix it. This is something a client does not have NOR wants to have.

    RE MS Live Writer. This is all fine but it is an APP, it has to be installed on A PC to use it. In an organisation it would need to be on a load of PC’s for those editing. Via the Visual Editor it is in the browser itself so is very portable – a thing being requested by clients in the main.

    Close enough is FIREFOX Scribefire. But again this is so bugged out and less features ( no table button ).

    The main reason I am discussing this with you here is to address the divide between the DESIGNER and the CLIENT. This divide is being created by CMS products that talk a great show when you are building a site as a designer ( who is generally far more forgiving ) but falls down in the main interface where content is added after by the nondesigner nontech client.

    My two cents

  32. Hiya time thief,

    I am at the moment finishing off a WP site using Pages ( as a simple type CMS ) for a client. The subject of your article is a question I have asked myself. I added a post at the WP site Forums about this:

    Aligning multiple images in a WordPress blog .. tables or not, CSS?”

    In a nutshell this thread boils it down to:

    “You get the picture? Client in the VISUAL EDITOR, wants to add nicely spaced images ACROSS the page, no HTML experience nor wants it”

    So have you come across any way of OFFERING a client in Visual Editor a way to layout images in this way – A No code / Html Solution?


    • No I’m sorry I haven’t. But why not use windows live writer to post? It has a built in HTML table feature that you can use to make tables.

      • Thanks TF,

        Yes I have heard of this live writer idea, have not tried it. I suppose I am trying to get away from tables. Not that I do not like them but that across the whole web community they are frowned upon and used sparingly.

        I find the problem with CMS Visual Editors is they are NOT as bullet proof as they are advertised. This does not matter to you or me but who it does matter to is the client who wants to edit their own pages via a CMS WITH the ease of MS WORD. Unfortunately, that is what is expected. If that expectation is not delivered it comes back to bite the designer.

        I strangely choose WordPress as a CMS for this job – in the main because of client feedback to its backend. Alot have used blogs, its simple, uncluttered in comparison to the Joomla’s and the Drupals. The templating is relatively easier.

        If the Visual Editor experience for the non tech user was improved it would be a good thing.


        • Most users of MS WORD are unaware that WORD is polluted by garbage code for formatting that does not meet web standards. In fact they act and speak as if Microsoft sets web standards, which is of course way off course and laughable. What they fail to comprehend is the differences between a word processor and a web publishing tool.

          Those who decide they still want to use WORD then need to use the WORD cleanup feature in the TinyMCE editor to remove all extraneous tags from text. It’s easy to use and takes only seconds to click the icon, copy and paste the text into a pop-up box, and then click to insert the clean HTML text into the post.

          Clean up WORD – From the visual editor click on the show kitchen sink button at the end of Row 1 and look for icon 6 in Row 2.

          Hope this helps.

  33. Hey, thanks for this… such a simple idea and for some reason I had never thought about it! I just created my table in frontpage and then copied the code straight over from there… thanks for the idea!

  34. thank you so much! this was extraordinarily helpful for someone like me, who knows little about HTML but is a little OCD about clean formatting. it worked perfectly!

  35. Thanks again. Finding your blog is like seeing a ray of sunshine in my bloggy, foggy day! I’ll clear the fog away eventually and know just what I’m doing here.

    Here are the two URLs in proper order:

    If you can give me the code, I will use it as a model for future side-by-side photos I want to post.

    Thank you for the link. I’m happy to have the tools to be a better blogger.

    A very big thank you!

  36. Thanks for replying, tt. As both photos are on my hard drive, they don’t have URLs. I will follow your advice and not edit them. As the difference is only 1/16″, it is possible the casual reader will not notice they are not perfectly aligned. We are our own worst critics.

    WordPress has so many great features, I wonder why they dropped the ball on this one.

    • @cookinginmexico
      Once you upload an image into the servers it appears in your Media library and then has a URL. So as you have uploaded both images they do have URLs and you can find them in your Media Library.

      I don’t think that has dropped the ball. I think they have chosen not to install that table function into the TinyMCE editor. I don’t know why that is but assume they have a reason that they haven’t shared.

      However, do note that the first HTML tables post I published does have links to HTML table generators in it. We can create tables using the generators and then copy and paste the code into the HTML editor and upload images from our Media Library into them.

      Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  37. Dear Timethief,

    If you can handle a completely HTML illiterate person, I am asking for your help.

    I recently attempted to post 2 photos side by side. You can see them here.

    They are very close to being side by side, but not exactly. Now that I already have them in my post, would I use the html you provided (below) and would I insert this immediately above the photo jpeg html? Thank you.


    • @Cooking in Mexico
      I have seen the images and they look very good. I would not recommend editing and placing them in an HTML table at this point. However, if you want to you can but I can’t post the whole table code into a comment box. As you discovered the software will strip the code we put in comment boxes. If you provide both of the image URLs to me here, I can make one for you like I did in the comment box above and you can copy and paste it.

  38. Hi…just wondering if you could help me with aligning my table to ‘center’ in my WP blog. It’s an autoresponder code, which I have taken into Dreamweaver to modify its style. No matter what I have tried however, it seems to automatically justify left and I want it to be centralized.

    In Dreamweaver, it have been centralized, but I guess the code is not transferring to WP.

    This is the start of the code in WP html, just before the ‘form action’:

    What’s missing?

    Thanks in advance and thank you for your work in this area.


  39. ..Allo! I see you validated my message without any comment, so I guess its a problem to let it so. Don’t worry, I do erase everything immediately. Pardon, Timethief, I really thought you wouldn’t mind, that topic displayed as a graph with a link to your blog.. I don’t see the mistake I made but ok, it’s your trick. Bye, Timethief, and sorry again. And also sorry for that (fk) “broken english”! lol

    • @lilmaouz
      Oh no! You have misunderstood the situation. As I am typing now I see the surge protection bar on the power to my computer coming and going. I may be able to complete this reply or I may not be. This has been my reality since the weekend and it’s very frustrating. I didn’t mind what you did at all. I was so happy that you used the information to help someone else. Please, please restore what you removed.

        I’m so sorry, of course I didn’t know the hell, and this was a sad situation, but I always respect the author’s will.
        It’s very kind of you to let me know. I wish from deep in my heart that thing are getting better soon. I cross my fingers to a superpower for you =D
        Thanks again! Yes, I will restore the page (except the widgets maybe, which is another prob with no copy but I’ll see that tomorrow :))
        Have a nice day, Timethief (here it’s already dark night but you live near to perfect blue sky, aren’t you ;-)

        • @lilmaouz
          I’m so glad I cleared this up and you understand what’s going on here. Today the skies are overcast and gray and I’m trying not to let that affect my mood.
          Best wishes to you. :)

  40. Hello, Timethief!
    I used the base of this cool topic by trying to help a user which could’nt find a way to get a simple graphic in the sidebar.. Yes, I know, this wasn’t the meaning of the article but he said my work was terrific, and this is thanks to you. this topic has been displayed on my test-page, with the link to your blog. I hope this doesn’t make any problem. I thank you again for the tresors you share.
    Wish you the best :-)

    • @lilmaouz
      The Easter weekend gale we had here took down all powerlines. In my case that was for 1 1/2 days. However, since then the power has been coming and going and I as I’m typing away suddenly I’m disconnected form the internet or I have n power at all. I was very happy you chose to help others by using the HTML table information. I approved your comment, clicked your username and was visiting the blog when the power went down again, so I couldn’t return here to thank you for the link. In fact I had to edit this very comment because the power failed again. :(

  41. You are incredible. I don’t know which astounds me more– your knowledge or your generosity in sharing it.

    Needless to say, your instructions and code worked perfectly. I feel like I’ve taken a giant leap forward and didn’t land in the soup for a change… : )

    Thanks a million. I shall try hard to make some progress on my own and not be a pest!

    Cheers, Mark

  42. Oops!

    For some reason, the actual HTML table code wasn’t picked up in the previous post– it just shows the six URL’s (images) that I included in the table.

    So it looks like I neglected to include the table code– but I did, I swear!! : (

    • @Mark
      I did not post the comment that came before this one as it contains multiple links. In it you said:” I’m trying to insert a little thumbnail table into my sidebar: two rows of three images each. I uploaded the 6 images into my Media Library. Then I used your HTML table code above and inserted the URL’s for the six images. ”

      Below is the code is for your table and all you have to do is run your mouse over the table below, select and then copy and paste it into a draft post first in the Visual mode. Then switch to the HTML editor. There is where you will get the HTML code to copy and paste into a text widget. The reason this extra step (draft post) is required is because I cannot display the HTML in this comment box.

      random mute image golfmasks
      greenday relax sea serpent


  43. Wonderful, wonderful info, as usual, but I need to ask a dumb question.

    Quick BG: I’m trying to insert a little thumbnail table into my sidebar: two rows of three images each. I uploaded the 6 images into my Media Library. Then I used your HTML table code above and inserted the URL’s for the six images. The resulting code looks like this: [6 images codes removed by timethief]

    The only way I could think of to get it into the sidebar was to paste it into a text widget and move the text widget to the sidebar– which I did. When I looked at the result on the blog site, I saw that it gave me a table all right– but it’s just the HTML code itself (text), no images were inserted.

    Can you tell me where I went wrong?

    (Just ignore the two thumbnails above the table– they were earlier experiments.)

  44. Well you just live a great live where ever you are. May all your dreams come true, love Canada, love Canadians, don’t want their health care system, Jim

    • This is the end of our communication. You have gone way off topic as health care is not a topic I blog about and no one gets to use my blog as a political platform.

    • @Jim
      You’re welcome. I’m not going to Hawaii … lol :D I live in the Canadian gulf islands which are Canada’s Hawaiian islands equivalent.

  45. I’m having a major problem trying to figure out how to create a list of websites that I frequent that will be automatically updated so that I can I guess copy and paste to the bottom of a page. Now I do it manually and infrequently. I’ve been all over the board, with this problem. I’ve seen it done, maybe I’m using the wrong terms? Appreciate any direction you can provide for me, I’m Jim, thanks very much.

    • @Jim
      I’m not clear about “websites you visit”. Do you mean that you want to create a Blogroll AKA Links? If so then the instructions are found here in the support documentation > and the support documentation Links widget for displaying them is found here
      Every time you add or delete a link the Links widget will automatically update.

      If you prefer not to use the Links Widget in your sidebar then you can do as I do. After I add or delete a link from my Blogroll I simply go here > Appearance > Widgets and drag the Links widget out of the Available widgets box and place it in my sidebar. Then I go to the front page of my blog and copy the widget contents ie. the links listed in it. Next I paste that list of Links on my static page titled Links and save it. When I’m done I go back to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Links widget out of the sidebar and drop it back into the Available widgets box.

      Is this what you are looking for?

  46. how are you?

    I try to learn about how to place images in my sidebar,
    I guess I need to read the support page myself,
    I learned how to do widgets on my own,…
    if you have any good hints, please do let me know!

    take good care!
    Happy Saturday!

  47. Hey there!

    I’ve tried doing the html codes for making tables in one of your previous posts and it worked just fine. However, I have yet to use the codes on my blog–I’m still thinking of ideas on how to improve the overall arrangement on my blog. I’m actually thinking of using these codes on my sidebar and on my banner.

    This tutorial is another great addition to making your images more presentable on your blog. Thanks very much for sharing!


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