5 Google Webmasters Video Tutorials

the number 5These 5 videos introduce how Google discovers, crawls, indexes your site’s pages, and how Google displays them in search results. It also touches lightly upon challenges webmasters and search engines face, such as duplicate content and the effective indexing of Flash and AJAX content. Lastly, it also talks about the benefits of offerings Webmaster Central and other useful Google products.

Google for Webmasters Tutorial: Discoverability

  • how Google can find your site
  • the value of backlinks to your posts re: natural linking pattern &  getting indexed quickly
  • XML site maps
  • privacy settings

Google for Webmasters Tutorial: Crawling and Indexing

  • accessibility
  • optimizing image ALT text
  • graceful degradation
  • optimize titles and description for each page on site
  • duplicate content

Google for Webmasters Tutorial: Ranking

  • relevance and importance
  • personalization
  • customization
  • pagerank still plays a significant role
  • natural linking strategy
  • webmaster violations

Google for Webmasters Tutorial: Intro to Webmaster Central

Google for Webmasters Tutorial: Other Resources

  • YouTube and Picasa
  • Sketchup
  • Calendars
  • Maps and Earth
  • Blogger

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11 thoughts on “5 Google Webmasters Video Tutorials

  1. I have re-tweeted this too so I can watch it when I get home tonight.

    I hope you don’t mind me reading a lot of your entries as they really have a way of popping out. I am practicing your tips one step at a time.

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  4. Thanks for the videos the would help my blog to stand in search results. I am confused whether i am using no index for my blog it may be the reason that i am not getting the real traffic

  5. This is a timeless and invaluable post, so much to learn about Google Webmaster Tools. I’ll be reviewing these videos for a while to come. Thank you T…

    • I gathered them all up and put them in a post together so they would be easy to locate. And I too have watched them more than once. :)

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