How Backlinks Will Make Google Your Blogs Best Friend

linkIf you can get enough people to backlink to your blog then you will be able to take over the top spot on page one of Google for any search term you choose.   A little known fact about being number one on Google for any term is this:  The blog or website that shows up number one on a Google search will get 40% of the searchers to click on their blog.

Let’s use the search term Fashion as an example.  Last month 2,740,000 people typed in the word Fashion into a Google search box.  If your site was the number one site for the search term Fashion, then you could expect 40% of the 2,740,000 people to click on your site.  That means in one month, for just that one search term, your blog would have received 1,096,000 visitors.

Not only would your blog receive all of that traffic this month, but it will also get the same amount of traffic next month and the next month and the next month.  Perhaps the only way for you to get knocked out of the top spot is if another blog was able to get more backlinks pointed towards them then your blog had.

Now let me say right here that it is unrealistic for anyone to think that it would be easy to be ranked number one for the term “Fashion”.  It would take a few years of hard work,  thousands of backlinks, and a hopefully nobody else trying to beat you to the number one position.   Believe me the blog that is number one on Google has been working on their ranking for a long time.

What is realistic is to rank number one for a lesser term in the same niche.  Let’s look at the search term “70′s Fashion”.  This term was searched 22,200 times last month.  If you had the top position in Google for the term 70′s Fashion you could reasonably expect 40% of that traffic to visit your blog.  That would mean your blog, from that one search term, would get 8,880 visitors this month.As long as no other blog got more backlinks pointing to them, then you get the same approximate traffic month after month.

Not a bad deal.  If you want a lot of consistent traffic to your blog then Google along with Backlinks are your best friends.  If you want even more traffic then get a top position for more than one term.  Let’s take a look at what backlinks are, how you get them, and the proper way to construct them.

To Google a backlink is a positive vote from somebody else’s blog to your blog.  Another blog publisher is saying that they think that the post you just wrote on 70′s Fashion is so good that they want the readers of their blog to be able to click on some text and be taken to your post.  That is what a backlink is.  Pretty simple!

The best possible backlink (strongest vote) you can get is one that is inside another post.  If somebody is writing about Vintage Fashion and mentions that they just read a great post about 70′s fashion, that is the best link you can get.  They are using the correct anchor text (70′s Fashion).  After all, that is the term you are trying to achieve a high position for.  The reader would click on 70′s Fashion and be taken to your blog.

The Keys To Good Backlinks

You need relevant blogs to link to your blog. A relevant blog or website would be one that occupies the same niche that your blog occupies.  If you blog about fashion then you would want a link pointing to your site that also blogged about fashion.  Of course there are hundreds of variations on the fashion theme.  For instance you can get links from sites that talked about fashion magazines, fashion designers, fashion stylist, the rules of  fashion, and on and on.  You would not run out of possible sites that would be relevant to what you are blogging about.

Getting links to your fashion blog from a site that was all about plumbing really would not be ideal.   It is not the high quality link that you really want.   Any link is better than no link, but not much better.  You really want to stick to sites that can give you a relevant backlink.

Use The Proper Anchor Text For Links

Let’s stick with the example of the Fashion Blog.  Let’s say that your blogs name is ” Fashion Trends.”  The title of your most recent post is, “70′s Fashion Trends”.The goal is to get the term “70′s Fashion” ranked number one on Google.  So what you would want to do is get as many other blogs and web sites to backlink to your blog using the Anchor Text “70′s Fashion”. The key is to make sure the Anchor Text is the exact phrase you want ranked on Google.  The second key is to make sure that the phrase you want ranked is attached to your post URL and not your homepage URL.

The top ranked site on Google for the term “70′s Fashion” only has 8 links pointing to it.  This is an approximate number.  But it is pretty close to being accurate.  So if you were to get more than 8 links, and to be safe 20 or so pointing to your post on 70′s Fashion Trends, you would quickly rank number 1 on Google.  You would become the beneficiary of all the traffic that comes with being number one.

To be sure I have given you an oversimplified example of how Google rankings work and how you would go about  gaining a number one position.  But if all you were to do was what  I just talked about then you really would move up on the search engines and eventually with enough backlinks obtain the number one position.

The last thing I would like to talk about is how you go about getting people to give you  backlinks.  Really this is a bit easier than you might imagine.  People who have linked to other sites are more likely to be open to linking to your site.  So the trick is to find people who understand the linking process and are willing to accommodate you.

I found the easiest way to do this is to find a blog in your niche that has a links page.  Most of these pages will list sites in your niche and just to make things easy these sites will all have links attached to them.  I then prepare a well written letter, that absolutely does not read like a spam letter asking for a link.  Does it work….You bet it does.  I have done it and you would be surprised how many people respond in a positive manner.

I hope some of this information will help you do well in your quest to get backlinks for your blog and rank high in the Google search engine. by Guest Author  Potato Chef.
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  1. Before you can get backlinks to your blog onto other sites you need to figure out what sites share the same audience as you. What are their “styles” like, what do they do? how old are they? Then email the owner of the site and offer to put their backlink up on your blog if they put up yours. You’ll be getting more hits to your blog before you know it.

  2. @everyone
    Thanks so much for letting me and potaochef know that you appreciated this article. :)

    Thanks for making my blog a favorite. :)

  3. Whoa… this site is pretty awesome :) your layout is really well designed, and your blogs are (judging from what i’ve read) very interesting. heehee… consider yourself favorited. :-P

  4. Thank you so much, I have been trying to find a good article on backlinks and been asking many question on blog directories lately. I will start following your advice now and hopefully something good will come out of it. :)

  5. Really nice and helpful article. I’ll try some of the tips you mentioned here. Thanks.

  6. This is the kind of post that is so helpful because it explains things so well. So many times I find explanations of things in blogs that use more terms that need to be explained. The authors are really just singing to the choir.

    But this is good and I actually learned something here. I was hoping for some ideas about the letter content. But maybe next time.

  7. Hi TT/P Chef,

    Always like to read about the power of backlinks :)

    Just a few points, the backlinks shown by Google in the toolbar are simply a sample of backlinks pointing to a page, this is usually a small amount eg – I have over 2000 backlinks pointing my way but Google shows 19 in the toolbar.

    Also the exact phrase needs to be used in the anchor but not over used, try mixing it with different variations “70′fashion” “fashin in the 70′s” “70′s fashion show” “70′s fashion blog”.

    If you use the exact phrase over and over again it begins to look unnatural and Google don’t like it. (Just ask John Chow :) Too many “make money online” anchors)

    Nice post, well explained.

    Hope your both well.

  8. As InternetHowBlog mentioned above, I agree somewhat in that I believe it’s very critical to your own credibility to have backlinks emanate from a Blog source you can trust and one that is professional. It’s not exactly the same as choosing who you hang out with, but it’s close. Your own credibility is at stake based on who you associate with….so, bottom line is, you need to know and trust them professionally before you hand over your keys.

  9. @TimeThief
    Is there a way to knowing SERP with some keywords? i mean i want to know what is my position in Google for keyword that i submitted. Do you know the tool ?

    • @Salwa…Thank You

      @devilnoangel I don’t know of the tool. Maybe timethief does. I go on the premise that if you can’t find your site on Google for a particular keyword then it is probably ranking pretty low. The remedy isn’t so much to find it…but to get it to rank higher…which is what this post was all about.

      Don’t get discouraged. You would be suprised how many sites that are above you in Google only have a few inbound links. Sometimes 5-10 links will get you on the front page.

  10. Very good and informative post. However, I won’t agree with “Any link is better than no link, …”

    Google have certain policies that penalize people who are involved with link schemes. So, if you try to get any link that is not related to your site through link schemes such as, Link Exchange Sites, Cross Linking, or Just buying links to manupilate PR, then Google will penalize your site by droping you from their index. That is why, having few quality back links is much better than having 100s of unrelated back links. Having 100s of unrelated links is not better than having no links at all. I would personally prefer having no links.

    • @InternetHowBlog I’m pretty sure I wasn’t suggesting anybody participate in a scheme. You do have a point about 100′s of unrelated links not being of much value. I tried to emphasise relevant links in the post…Have a good day!

    • @Larry @Jacob @ Trisha I hope the info helps you…It has helped me, so I’m confident that there is validity to it.

  11. This might be one of the best post I’ve read on backlinks. I love your blog layout also.

  12. Great information about backlinks. Very important for SEO and ranking well in search engines :)

  13. Thanks for the practical solution for getting backlinks and spreading the importance of backlinks to people like me.It will be very useful for me.Thks for the post.

    • It takes time to learn what is needed to be successful with a blog. We all start with no knowledge and then slowly gain what we need.

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