How to be an organized blogger: Remember the Milk

Are you a list lover? Are you into tagging? Do you use the task cloud to easily see what you have to do? Do you want to store notes along with your tasks? You can do that too with a free online organizational blogging tools.

rememberthemilk is a free online to do list. An intuitive interface makes managing tasks fun. See what’s due today and tomorrow, and the things you’ve missed. Prioritize, estimate your time and postpone with ease. Set tasks to repeat periodically and set the due dates easily. The extensive keyboard shortcuts make task management quicker than ever. You can also receive reminders via email, SMS, and instant messenger (AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo! are all supported).

  • Manage tasks from anywhere
  • Get mail sms or IM reminders
  • Access from your phone
  • Manage tasks offline
  • Use with Google Calendar
  • Add tasks from iGoogle

Google Calendar Manage your Remember The Milk tasks within Google Calendar

Remember The Milk for Google Calendar adds a small task icon to the top of each day in Google Calendar

— click on the icon to:

  • Review your tasks for the day
  • Add new tasks and edit existing ones
  • Easily complete and postpone tasks
  • Review your overdue tasks
  • Optionally show tasks with no due date
  • See where your tasks are located on a map

TwitterManage your Remember The Milk tasks with Twitter
Twitter is a popular “micro-blogging” service that allows you to send updates (up to 140 characters in length) via SMS, IM, the website, and third-party applications. It also has a handy feature which allows you to send direct (private) messages to your friends on Twitter. Add rtm as your friend, and you can add and interact with your tasks by direct message (and get reminders too!).


Manage your Remember The Milk tasks with iPhone and iPod touch

Manage your tasks wherever you are with this full-featured mobile version of Remember The Milk that’s specially optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch.

image Manage your Remember The Milk tasks with Gmail

Remember The Milk for Gmail is a Firefox extension that allows you to manage your tasks in Gmail (complete, postpone, and edit tasks), add new tasks (and connect them with your emails, contacts, and Google Calendar events), automatically add tasks for starred messages or specific labels, and much more!

image Manage your Remember The Milk tasks with BlackBerry

Here are 3 questions for my readers:
(1) Do you use online organizational blogging tools?
(2) If so, which ones do you use?
(3) If not, would you be interested in experimenting with using them?

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10 thoughts on “How to be an organized blogger: Remember the Milk

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  3. @eunice
    Thanks for saying thanks. I’ll see you over at Blog Catalog. It’s the best social network I have experienced being a part of. :)

  4. @Jennifer
    There’s no doubt about it, Remeber the Milk is a great way to organize. My next post will be an another online program that can be used and the 3rd one in the series will cover others as well. IMO this one is the best for me but you may find one of the others suits you better.

    Unfortunately, the hearts do not work on this software. :)

  5. What a fantastic idea! How would I keep up with this ever-changing online world without you, Timethief? &hearts There are so many things and services to monitor — these kinds of organizers really do help keep things together.

    As always, thank you.

    &hearts (hoping those &hearts work), Jennifer

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