Blog2Print: Publish your blog

Print This Blog As A Book Blog owners on Google’s Blogger platform and their readers can now use the Blog2Print widget to turn posts into a printed book with a single click. (Compatibility with other platforms coming soon!)

Want to offer Blog2Print on your blog?Just follow these steps and your readers will be able to print your blog as a book:

Click the “Continue” Button below and fill out the requested fields
Click the “Add to Blogger” button on the following page
On Blogger’s “Add Page Element” Page, click the blue “Add Widget” button
The Blog2Print widget will now appear on your blog in the top right. (You can modify its placement later.)

PLUS – once Blog2Print has been added to your blog, you’ll make money each time a book of your blog is purchased! You’ll receive 20% of the sales of the books sold from your blog.

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