Testing Polls for WordPress.com Blogs 2

Update! Please take note of this update.

There is no elegant way to embed a poll in a wordpress.com blog. Since there have been many previous requests and questions, there are many previous forum threads.

I’ve been roaming the internet and testing the ones that I can find that may be useful to wordpress.com bloggers. Please cast your vote so we can determine how useful the polls I have found are.

To locate the links to the third party sites please click Resources and look under blogging polls and blogging surveys.

12 thoughts on “Testing Polls for WordPress.com Blogs 2

  1. Hi Milla,
    Thanks so much for stopping in and for voting. Most of all thanks for the link to Opinion Power. It seems we now have 5 polls/surveys in addition to Lucky Polls that are workable for wordpress.com bloggers.

    Thanks also for the blog compliment. :)

  2. Hi TT! Just in case you want to try other options, I’ve been using OpinionPower for some 6 months now and I just love it. It will NEVER be a quick-sidebar-poll, but it allows you to add as much detail and elegance to your poll (survey) as you might want.

    What you do is creating a post for your survey and then promote that post, or set a button or a link on your sidebar… email it to your contacts… whatever is best for you. And they have a lot of other options. Here’s an example (in spanish, of course).

    BTW, your new blog (or new design) is gorgeus!

  3. @katm and cjwriter

    The blinking eyes are annoying but easily ignored. The other one has a nice little box but the links could be put into a table in a text widget and displayed in a sidebar.

    Like cj says this one has a link back to your blog and the other one doesn’t.

    The main thing is that both are workable poll options for off-site voting and tabulation and that’s the constraint we had at worpress.com.

    Thanks to both of you for voting and for giving me some feedback. :)

  4. I voted in both; it’s good to know there are a few more options than just LuckyPolls. I think I like the Misterpoll one a bit more as it has a link back to your blog; FreePolls I had to use the back button. But hey they work, that’s what counts! ;)

  5. I voted twice. It was fun. (I’m not allowed to vote twice in national elections!) BTW I’ve been meaning to say that your dragonflies are beautiful!! (I know it’s OT, but I had to put it somewhere). Thanks for testing polls for us.

  6. i have promptly “stolen” the two polling services from your blog posts :D for my own review of polling services for wordpress.com blogs. you might like to come over and steal my poll links – i don’t mind :D.

    i don’t know if i am allowed to use html here, so i am not giving you the url, when you get to my blog, just select “polls” from categories.

    have fun :D

  7. @museditions
    I’m glad you chose to vote in both polls – thanks.

    OT: dragons and dragonflies have always figured prominently in my dreams and my art.

  8. @netty gritty
    Hello there,
    I have just put you on my blogroll and linked both polls back to your poll and survey blog posts. Thanks for participating.

    Yes you can use mark-up in these comment boxes. :D In fact I just blogged about it here.

  9. Very boring it’s true but the links could be put into a text widget and some “styling” could be done. Thanks for being a participator. I appreciate it. :)

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