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There are occasions when bloggers posting to the wordpress.com forum need to supply information about which browser and version of it they are using. And as wordpress.com is a web host where many people who are new to both blogging and to the cyberworld we frequently find that some bloggers do not have this information at hand and do not know where and how to locate it.

Although individual instructions can be given for locating this information on each of the different operating systems the most used browser is Internet Explorer.

  1. IE version Tip: The method to determine which version of Internet Explorer you are using follows:With Internet Explorer open select ‘Help‘ from the top menu bar and click ‘About Internet Explorer‘ from the menu. You will see the version of Internet Explorer displayed in the ‘Version:’ field just beneath the Internet …
  2. Browser Info Tip: Regardless of which operating system you have there is a much easier way to access this browser version information. Simply click this link . Within moments you will have a very detailed diagnostic report on your browser.
  3. FAQs Tip: ‘Know your browser’ we are directed to this post which contains a great deal of useful information.
  4. CSS Tip: Another post of interest that I encourage you to read answers this common question: Why does my site look different in IE than in Firefox?

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