Quick update

sketchI’m recovering.  The swelling is subsiding and the pain is greatly reduced. I have full mobility again!  I’m expecting to know what the results of my last scans will be later today and I’m feeling positive about what they will show. Regardless of what the results are, I have benefited from being offline in the evenings and keeping my feet above my heart because I have caught up on my reading.

I’m not sure what I want to publish about as I’ve been lost in the fog of pain but I’m considering posting on the importance of originality when blogging. Do you my beloved Readers have any special requests?

WordPress.com Video Tutorial Collection

I love WordPress

I love WordPress

My introduction to the open source community and WordPress software became a love affair that’s ongoing. Eight years ago I received an invitation to become a WordPress.com blogger.  I accepted and discovered WordPress software and the community are the perfect fit for me. Continue reading

Paper.li Misunderstanding and Misinformation

Opinions that have no basis in fact and are fueled by misinformation and emotionality may plump up your stats and comments, but that kind of discussion environment is not one most bloggers benefit from. Worse still, when one fails to research before publishing that slip can be a hard one to recover from. Continue reading

Keeping in touch

I want to keep in touch with you Readers so you know what to expect and when to expect it.  I am undergoing lots of medical testing.I have another scan today, but after it I do intend to recommence my twice weekly publication schedule on July 14th. I can only mange one post per week now. Continue reading